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From Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA: Sono Vero

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JJ Rocks article # 284: From Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA: Sono Vero

If there is one thing that I know about from living in the Virgin Islands it would be good Reggae music. And with my favorites being Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, UB40, and Alfa Blondie, its easy for me to know when I come across a great Reggae band. So I would like to introduce to you a very fine group from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA named Sono Vero. They have all the right ingredients needed to cook up the perfect recipe for a little piece of Reggae heaven.

The first thing I noticed even before listening for chops, creativity, and what ever else is required for an article, was how polished this band is. In Reggae the groove is a key ingredient and these guys lay it down as tight as it gets. And when you add in originality, very fine musicianship, velvet smooth vocals, and down right coolness to the mix it always comes out on top. Thats where youll find Sono Vero. And along with their professionalism on stage that rivals the best Reggae bands out there, great tunes that vary from the strong crusin down the road vibe of Babylon Lady to the cool R+B overtones of Burn with you, Sono Vero covers all the Reggae moods required to keep any lover of that genre wanting to crank up the volume. And if you go to their video section you can experience them playing live at some of their local venues that many independent artist only dream about.

Sono Vero seems to have 6 main members, but there are more in their videos. So lets all show some love to Sono Vero with Charlie Ueda on Lead Vocals, Daniel Arnold on Guitar, Anthony Kochis on Drums, Dan Rodriguez on Vocals/Rap/Percussion, and Nathan Ueda on Keyboards by stopping by their profile at the link below and leave them a nice comment. After listening to their music Im sure that most of you will agree that they deserve it. 

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Here is their link: Stop by and show some love: