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Reverbnation scam revealed!

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JJ Rocks article # 285: Reverbnation scam revealed!

 Hi! As many of you know I support independent bands and scout for major label executives like the ones in my photo section here on The Spotlight Zone. So I am writing to tell you that Reverbnation finally admitted to me that people who buy their tools and use them are the ones that get higher rank on their site. This came after I complained about being knocked off the #1 national position in all genres in the Virgin Islands by someone with much lower stats. Now the only reason that I even care about rank on that site is that I occasionally invite people to this site to be heard and possibly referred to a major label for free. So I want them to get a good impression on RN. But I know that most of you use RN to promote your music and think that your chart position is based on the quality of your music. Its NOT! Many of you are proud of your chart position. But why? No one is really judging your music on the RN staff nor can your friends rank your tunes there. So the people above you on the charts are there because they buy these so called tools from the site and it gives them a higher rank. And if you already have a high rank all that means is that the people under you are not as active on RN as you are. Here is just part of what Reverbnation sent me back when I told them that someone with much lower stats took over my position on their charts. Just remember, these are their words, not mine!

"There is no "excuse" for you being knocked out with lower stats because the total number of stats you have has nothing to do with your chart position. If the other artist in question has promoted more efficiently using ReverbNation tools in the last 2 weeks, then they would be ranked above you, no matter the total number. The charts are designed to show the success, again of ONLY using ReverbNation tools, in the last two weeks." - RN employee

So now you know! And if you don't believe it I encourage you to contact Reverbnation and ask for yourself! And don't be like the jerk on line that said "I disagree with JJ". Because these are not my opinions, these are facts stated by the Reverbnation staff. (I saw a stupid post like that from someone who thought this was all my opinion).

 I am going to pass this along to all my subscribers and fans on my RN profile and all the members of my site The Spotlight Zone. So I hope you pass it along to all your friends. Its time to put your foot down and stopped being fooled into thinking your RN rank has ANYTHING to do with your music. I personally dont need the rank or ask for song ratings because I already scout for major label executives (again, as you can see in my photo section) so its just the principal and me looking out for all my friends that are trying so hard to promote their music. If you have anything to say about this scam on RN to make you think that your music quality equals your RN rank, please blog it on your other sites or post it on the Reverbnation community forum.

Oh yes, to the other guy that said "JJ is just saying that because he must have done bad on Reverbnation", I'll just say that before I left that site in late 2015 I was ranked # 2 GLOBAL in all genres (#1 male artist in the world). But since I know their scam I left that site to pursue my own non profit, no rip off site here on TSZ that is by invitation only. The screen print of my RN global stats are in my photo section here and on my Facebook profile (JJ Johnston).  
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