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New artist DIVIANA: life makes her stronger

Hello dear friends !

Let me introduce to you our new artist Diviana with her debut single Let It Shine. Diviana was signed to our ACN Music label last year (2012) and became the real breakthrough. A few months ago our single Let It Shine, the debut song performed by Diviana, was #5 in Sound Click pop chart as well as attracted a lot of fans on Jango. Diviana is very talented young girl with unique vocal, great potentiality and very interesting and hard story of her life what generally brings her to music industry. We all hope that she has a great future and all chances to become the real star one day. Now Diviana is also represented on The Spot Light Zone. Our production team is very much proud of it and herewith I would like to invite you to listen to the single Let It Shine, comments and ratings are very much welcome.


Hi my dear friends and collegues ! This might be interesting to anyone who's involved into making music video productions. Currently some of our music videos should
be re-mastered to be released with The Orchard this year. One of the videos is
"Start Up" what can be pre-viewed here
The requirements are to produce high quality material as well as to get into
re-mastered version some new and original production ideas.
If there are somebody who's interested in such a co-operation with our company please send us
the link to some of your finished videos (music videos only please!) to our direct email Thank you!