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The Ken Myers Project - Blog

New jazz based CD to be released

The Ken Myers Project expands upon it's arsenal of songs and has gathered jazz tracks from its vault to be released this coming spring. The aptly titled "Mighty Good Time" features some well put together original arrangements of R&B, smokin' jazz, and 'smooth jazz', along with a couple of electronic pieces with a guest female vocalist. The CD is designed to be an entertaining companion while driving in the nice spring climate (hopefully). Look for it soon at CDBaby and it's affiliates.

New Release Coming Next Month

Ken Myers is releasing "The Science Of Whispers" in July (updated from June), a fine collection of relaxing melodic pieces in the genres of ambient new age , neo-classical. To be distributed by CDBaby and it's partners, available worldwide.

Everyone Loves Friends Requests

Everyone Loves Friends Requests, and I am no exception. Lately I have received requests from people who may or may not have listened to my music, but would like for me to listen and rate theirs.

I would suggest when sending out friend requests, that you pay close attention to the genre of music that the person you have asked is attached to (in my case new age ambient, and even classical music if you will). While I appreciate music in many genres, these are the ones that I feel I can be more objective to in terms of 'rating'.

In other news: Ken Myers will be back in online broadcasting this coming weekend on a very popular radio platform playing, you guessed it, film score, new age ambient and modern classical music from some of the genre's best composers.
Will post the location when the station launches.

New Year, new Music

As 2012 rolls in I will be releasing my eighth CD "Scenes From My Mind", a collection of smooth ambient pieces which should be available thru CDBaby and it's affiliates

Another set back with cancer tumors will see me going through chemo and maybe radiation once again. Seems a tumor was missed in this year's operation and is starting to wreak havoc. Nevertheless I am starting work on a follow up release to 'Scenes', which I may release in March.

Happy New Year All!.

Composer Ken Myers Speaks

Hi all,

The music scene online is saturated with new acts,new talent, a lot more than when i first started promoting online. The once popular Myspace (supposed place for musicians) is now going under due to apparent mismanagement, and everyone is flocking to Facebook (which still doesn't have a solid artist support system, although they are trying). Sites like The Spotlight Zone has a chance of becoming one of those 'solid artist support websites' with the amount of talent that I've heard here. The interface is easy (no clutter), and the music player is straight forward which is basically what most listeners like and prefer.

I have been busy writing music for film projects for which I have 'agents' in place to help push. As I am currently fighting a recurrence of cancer I try to get around online as much as humanly possible to further spread my works to those who are fans of the ambient new age genre. I choose websites very carefully in order to best serve that purpose (whether that genre is even present on that particular site and so on). Many sites have the ambient genre but many times you listen to the offerings and find Hip-Hop, Rock, and other genres populating that area. Those are the types of sites I avoid as a rule (misrepresentation of the genre), as their 'charts' often times neglect to point to the artist material that best suits the genre.

A rather long-winded blog, but I thought I'd introduce myself here and besides, I like to write (because I can)"

Many regards,
Ken Myers

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  1. 22-08-2011
    The Ken Myers Project

    Album cover for the upcoming Ken Myers Project CD "Quiet Time (The Best Of The Ken Myers Project) due out Sept.2011