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Taylor Krom - Blog

New Taylor Krom

New song is up! Titled "I Don't Wana", be sure to give it a listen and a rating! I am about to bring everybody a very refreshing sound of HipHop!

'I See You Girl' video!

I just added another video from the track' I See You Girl'. So, now have two videos. Be sure and watch them both! Gimme feedback!

No Regrets!

WOW! 'No Regrets' already taking the #1 spot on the Hip Hops charts! SWEET!!!

Comments (2)

  1. 16-11-2012
    J Elizabeth Hardges


  2. 12-06-2012
    Walter Billingsley

    Well Deserved Taylor. You are truly an amazing talent... Best to you my talented friend...Peace. Walter