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How time goes by!..

Oh la la!!! There's so much time I didn't post on TSZ taken by the storm of the Italian problems, crazy place really during the period I lived at the end, true dying country..., and after, my forced come back alone in Paris during the 2015 summer almost at the street. Fortunately, thanks to good African friends I was able to survive, and also COSMIC DREAMERS survived to this damned Italian storm thanks to my mother France who allows me, today, to have finally a new home and to continue my artistic life, music composition and 3D graphic !!..

And so in February 2016 I succeeded finally to release at CDBABY my 3rd album "COSMIC WINDS" which really gave birth in the pain but it has at least the merit to exist!
Initially it was scheduled with 12 titles but at the end it's 16 titles which taken place inside.
You can listen to it freely in integrality there:

...and buy it before I die :D LOL

And also I uploaded 6 songs from this album there on TSZ! :-)

HAPPY NEW 2017 YEAR for everybody of the TSZ family!!! :-)

-Bruno of COSMIC DREAMERS... to be continued...


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Peace and Love




COSMIC DREAMERS Calendars 2014

*** READY the COSMIC DREAMERS Calendars 2014 !!! ***

Artis tic calendars by Cosmic Dreamers with different choice of colors for the calendar, light and dark tones. Enjoy!

I uploaded "Cosmic Desolation of the 21st Century", a track of our next album, "Cosmic Winds", in progress...

...desolation, like just near us at the other side of our Tuscan mountains after these terrible earthquakes which bruised our beloved Italy in Emilia-Romagna, even if I'm French, I'm in love with this country like with my Tuscan Elena (Ely), and thus I'm very sad for all these lives losted and these cruel destructions.
We felt until here at home so much it was strong, I don't imagin how it was in the direct places...and that, several times since May 20th!!!
And unfortunately, when I written, the Earth continues to tremble again and again at these places, magnitudes 2.6, 3.3, 2.7, 2.4... It's very unpleasant and stressful to know what it arrives just near us, but we're lucky for this moment...and we sleep with the seismograph integrated into the cellular of Ely, that reassures not so much! ;-)

And then, I written in my precedent blog,'s really a desolation this beginning of century!!! Everywhere...! Brief. :-(

In the hope that this 21st century will soon change, to become...more cosmic,...softer, more human!!!...I wish you this dream when you'll listen to this song.

At soon for some news of the video "Cosmic Winds" version 2 always in calculation in our supercomputer C3PO, It's necessary to be very patient for the big 3D projects ;-)
Peace and Serenity

Bruno & Ely

Works in progress, music and graphics...the "Cosmic Winds" album

Step by step, the new album "Cosmic Winds" becomes reality. The song "Cosmic Winds", that introduced this album, is already present here on The Spotlight Zone in its preview version (see details in the Music page).

The other songs are in progress...I upload in these days another song of this album, "Cosmic Desolation of the 21st Century"'s really a desolation this beginning of century!!! Everywhere...! Brief. :-(

And the Art Works, too, are in progress.... The video "Cosmic Winds" version 2 is in calculation in our supercomputer C3PO ;-)
It's a very long render, even for this powerful computer I assembled specially for Ely, to allow her to create her graphic dreams and...mine! :-) This render is in full HD for all the duration of the song "Cosmic Winds". The graphics are rebuilt in a total real manner for the nature, and even the wind (cosmic...) is like the real, the plants have a realistic move now, even the trees bend realistically.
We'll inform you when this video will be finished and put online.

Then, in waiting, I upload today, the announce cover (definitive background cover) where you can see the new composition for the new video in progress. It's just under...

Well, at soon...
Peace and Serenity

Bruno & Ely

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  1. 12-04-2012

    OH Now that's a great cover, I wish I could afford you to do my front and back covers for my next cd Guitar Mann, as soon as 75 Ovation Patriot arrives I'm going to put the Patriot in my grand fathers yard swing, along with an Ovation Solid body electric guitar. Between the two draped over the back of the swing with be my son's semi pro football jersey with the name MANN showing. The back cover will have the same pic but from a distance with all my Ovation guitars in front of the swing except the ones in the swing with my son's jersey. The swing is one of my songs and it is a true song about my grandpa's swing.
    Kit Mann

THANKS! ReverbNation...

Thanks! to all who made "COSMIC DREAMERS" 1st in Electronica for FLORENCE/TUSCANY on ReverbNation!
It's not possible to hide my happiness, not particularly for the position in the chart, even if it's very pleasant, but I see our music less invisible than before, more played, and the reactions of our fans give a better moral for new compositions and 3D Art!
And I discover, too, new real friends that share the same tastes, and that speak to us directly...This, it's GREAT!!!
Peace and Serenity!

Ciao a tutti! We just arrive today here...

Hello dear Friends!
We'll complete our profile as fast as possible...we're always very busy! ;-)

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  1. 10-04-2012

    Him, over, I forgotten to explain he was a real encounter in our marvellous Tuscan mountains. He has let him filmed very quietly without to be worry, maybe he felt we're always great friends of the animals, especially in more when they're our neighbors of all the days near the house.
    After...we felt a profound feeling of peace and serenity!..