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KOLOROMBENG's 2nd album "Dangerous Words"

In January 21st, 2012, KOLOROMBENG released their second album 'Dangerous Words" under their own management as independent label, same as their first album. There are 8 songs in 'Dangerous Words' which more variation and improvement than 1st album.

KOLOROMBENG's 1st album "Parental Advisory"

In April 21st, 2011, finally KOLOROMBENG, an Indonesian metal band, released the first album 'Parental Advisory' under their own management (kolorombeng inc) as independent label. There are 8 songs in 'Parental Advisory'. This album took 6 months for finishing. The album 'Parental Advisory' was distributed in limited. KOLOROMBENG's manager Mr. Jack B. Jiler said that they released their first album in limited because of they just wanted to know how people accepted them, they will distribute in huge next. KOLOROMBENG takes promotion mostly via internet and they allowed people to download their songs for free.