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Richie Barron [Dr Tequila] - Blog

"Flying Eye Radio Network" from Malibu Ca.

DJ Andy "Goldfinger" Styne playing. Richie "Dr Tequila" Barron on his Thurs. shows every week, "live" interview coming up in Jan. He also has DJ's Dusty Street & Geno Michellini doing shows on "The Eye" Dusty & Andy were on the origional KCSN FM in San Francisco.

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  1. 30-12-2011
    Richie Barron [Dr Tequila]

    Wishing everybody on the "Spotlightzone" a great 2012!!! RB

Thanksgiving Day!

Hey , wishing everybody on the Spotlight Zone a great Turkey [or what ever you eat]! Day!!

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  1. 24-11-2011
    Richie Barron [Dr Tequila]

    I just did!!

Radio play in England

DJ's Bob Osborne, Eddy Mann & Peter Jervis have taken a liking to "Dr Tequila Especially Bob osborne, has me on his Thursday jazz show every week at 11:00 PM their time 94.4 FM Also Eddy Mann on www.radioseagull only floating radio station in the world, docked in the Netherlands! [I got a hat!!]

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  1. 19-11-2011
    Richie Barron [Dr Tequila]

    DJ Eddy {The} Mann is going to run a "canned" on air interview we did on his Thursday show from this week or next. World's only Floating radio station in the Netherlands! Covers most all of Europe!

  2. 28-08-2011
    Richie Barron [Dr Tequila]

    Victor Bejarno [my piano arranger for "Dr Tequila" Richie Barron, & my sax player of 21 years, Stewart Viets. Trumpet player, Al Dieste, bass, Marcus Lopez. [not in pic, "Bandido" on Timbales/ Congas, Vic Dell-iano on drums.