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Mandy Green - Blog


Don't think I have ever blogged before...sure I've put status updates on etc, and I can't imagine who in this cyber world would want to read this?? Hey ho, I rarely have time for songwriting these days, full time work, full life, playing with my band, running music festivals, teaching guitar to kids, and some adults :) the odd bit of wonder the house work gets forgotten. Wouldn't it be great if we could all make a decent living out of doing what make us happy. I must admit, teching the kids, watching them perform and get tremendous accolades gives me great pride and I just love them. The haven't been playing for long but their enthusiasm just warms me up. think I could get used to this blogging lark, is it just an excuse to ramble on!! Like I said am busy organising a music festival we hold here in SW Scotland in August, all for our local lifeboat (stranraer RNLI Park Fest) sometimes feel like its taken over my life. But had time to record a new album with my band Life O'Reilly, still waiting to hear the finished product, but excited all the same. Ok enough rambling, still can't imagine who would read this? Well if you do...Hi!!! thanks and......see you later x