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will be posting original music soon as I done moving/

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  1. 16-03-2012
    Lady Dove

    Thanks ANIMAL, Friendship tis a good thang.... Sweet kit &

    I have a tune that deserves a master of such a kit.... mmmmm

  2. 05-03-2012
    JJ Rocks

    This guy is a fantastic drummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music the emotion

In 1980 I saw Stephan Greppelli (violinist), he was 86. He rocked my world so hard with the feelings he conveyed through his instrument, he had 300 poeple crying in grief over a sad song and in 3 minutes had everyone dancing a jig in total and complete joy. That man took that violin and touched my heart, funny bone and soul. PLAY FROM YOUR HEART AND SOUL NOT A PAGE OR YOUR MIND And yes I am standing on that drum set


I had the pleasure of playing with JJ in 1972 and this man is truly a great player. We both were ahead of our time. Then Uncle Sam took me for a 3 year ride . I truly enjoyed playing with him. This pic is me now at 57 not 20 years ago. hee hee

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  1. 06-03-2012

    yeah baby

  2. 06-03-2012
    JJ Rocks

    Yeah man! We were young and we rocked hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Music is an emotion of the soul there is no right no wrong, and when your soul reaches out and touches another that is magic