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Gary V - Blog

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A place you can purchase my singles at !


New album release this week !

Hi everyone !
I've been busy recording this past April/May 2012
Check out my new tunes on my player here...
Available at my store at:

Peace & Music Always,
Gary V

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  1. 22-06-2012
    Gary V

    Ooooops lol.........thats

Hello Everyone !

I just arrived here tonight and am so looking forward to listening to all the talent on here......... I just released my latest cd this week and am hoping it does well...
It can be found in my store on my website link.....
Looking forward to making many new friends on here.....
Thankyou so much JJRocks :-)
Gary V

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  1. 22-06-2012
    Gary V

    Not quite sure what you mean there Bruce??