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Old Friends

I had a 40 minute phone conversation with an old acquaintance on wednesday from Agoura Hills north of LA.Is was Joe Vannelli(Gino's brother,arranger and keyboardist)and we talked about old times together with the two of them,the studio at Blue Moon,Gino's upcoming Euro-tour and a lot more.I dent my most recent 2 CDs the next day.Joe will get back to me after he hears them.He's that kind of mellow,laid-back personality.I helped mix the vocals for Gino on "It's Over"from the "Black Cars" CD at their home studio at Joe's house in 1983.WE have known one another since 1976.Great,friendly people and fantastic artists.Check out Gino's "Wilderness Road" video done in Oregon.He has been living in Portland for awhile now.Joe runs the studio in Agoura.If anyone is interested in working with a Vannelli,contact me.I can set it up.Simply spectacular is the word to describle all they are involved with!

Listens and ratings!!

Ok people,you can take it from here.If you want more tracks or info,just ask.I have at least 100 original tracks recorded already-with world class players in world class studios.Thanks in advance for your listens and ratings.If you post a pic of yourself wearing a T-shirt featuring one of my albums(from Reverbnation store)I will send a poster featuring that CD to anyone with a dedication and signature.Peace and play on!-Jeff

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  1. 01-06-2012
    Jeffry DeVillez

    Thanks to all of you for making me #1 on the latin chart here.Thanks for putting 3 of my latin tracks in the top 20 also.Jeff laves ya baby!

  2. 08-04-2012
    Jeffry DeVillez

    I am on the road and commenting whenevr possible.Will return on TuesdayApril 10th,but have two more "out-of-town"trips coming in the next several weeks.Have patience,I WILL be back!

  3. 31-03-2012
    Jeffry DeVillez

    T-shirt offer good through JUne 1st,2012.

  4. 31-03-2012
    Jeffry DeVillez

    This is the cover of my "Tropicowboy" CD in France,Belgium and Asia.