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The Mudsharks 3 - Blog

Our new album is here!!!!

Well, it's been over a year since we last posted anything here, because we've been working on our new album, entitled "Asadachi". I just posted 5 of our new songs, so I hope all the good people at the spotlight zone will enjoy them. Would love to hear any comments that all you musically diverse people may have - even the critical ones. Thanks for taking the time and stay creative!!

please vote for our song!

We just posted a new song entitled "Head In The Sand" and we are involved in a Canada wide contest called CBC Searchlight. We would really appreciate it if you would take the time to look up CBC Seachlight and vote for our song. Just scroll down to the vote now window, search The Mudsharks 3, and click the vote button for us. Also,download any of our posted songs for free if you like. Thanks in advance for your votes.... Doug Neufeld (drums & vocals ) The Mudsharks 3


I just posted some new stuff ( hope you enjoy it). If you would like to download any of these songs for free they are available at

The new CD is finished....

Yes, the new CD is finished, and we're just waiting for the artwork and layout to be done before sending it off to the printer's. We have decided to change the title of the CD.... I had previously posted that it was going to be entitled "Urban Country Punk", but we had a change of heart about that title. The new Title is "Squeeze It". I have posted a couple of the new tunes that we recorded at FaderMaster Studio in Vancouver, Produced by Kevin Kowal and the Mudsharks 3, and engineered by Spencer Carson. We would love to hear any and all feedback that you may have to offer, so please have a listen. It's always so strange to realize how many hours we spent working on a song that only lasts 2 minutes and 43 seconds, but we are extremely proud of these new songs, and hope you might enjoy them.

Urban Country Punk

We have been working hard on our new CD, and I just posted 3 new tunes for your collective enjoyment ... We're going to record 3 new tunes at Fader Mountain Studio in Vancouver on Dec. 6th. Looking at a CD release in early Feb., 2013. Our fave artist, Stu Mackay Smith has agreed to do our cover art..... AGAIN.... This will be our 3rd SMS album cover.... Check out his online portfolio here...

Greetings & Salutations!!

Hello, all you spotlight zone people.... My name is Doug, drummer/vocalist in The Mudsharks 3. This is my 1st post on Spotlight Zone, so I'm just saying "hello", but stay tuned for more, as we are expecting a busy summer....
Later, y'all.