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The Chaotic Goods - Blog

The Chaotic Goods great live performers

Some bands take themselves way too seriously other bands, not serious enough. The Chaotic Goods struck a nice balance Saturday night at Czar Bar. These guys clearly place a premium on having a good time while giving the audience the best they have to offer. Lead singer Ralph Reichert is one of those front men that leave some people wondering whether sanity is present, as others are applauding his recklessness and deviation from the norm. At one point, Reicherts antics sent the microphone flying out of the microphone stand on a beeline toward the bass player. Luckily the mic had a cord that cut its flight path short. Reichert apologized, but I loved it. Recklessness on stage can be unnerving, but its not something you see everyday. If the Chaotic portion of The Chaotic Goods name is a bow to Reicherts presence in the band, then the Goods portion is fitting for his mates. The band had great tone and tasteful riffs.The music is just good, off the cuff, garage rock
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