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If You Want It You Can Have It!

I woke at 5:30am and I know why, because I am writing a new song. In all honesty I do not believe you stop your work from the night before, that it continues on as your mind puts your body on the bench for a much well deserved breather. I dont know about the rest of you out there that write lyrics, and compose the music to go with the lyrics, but if you should do both, I think you will agree to a lot of what I am going to say in this article. So I tell myself, it is Saturday, and you have earned a sleep time with no alarm, yet I set it just the same. I woke up didnt smell the coffee, but this morning could hear beautiful music, perfectly executed by this other me, who was giving me a lesson on chord progression, but doing it as though they played my guitar with a feather, yet the sound was beautiful and bold, coming off a pick, my pick, a Gibson T, I tell people the T was put there by Gibson to showcase the Tony Watson brand. As my wife will say, you laugh at you own jokes, but they are crazy, and come out of no-where (Like A Snog), hint, hint. Then I say well you have to give me a good grade for putting a convincing story together on the spot. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. As our lyrical writing goes, its one and the same, or nearly the same thing applies to this song writing business. It is how good are you at capturing that notion of a mixed up lyric, that your first approach, just rhymed, but didnt really have much to do with telling your story, but more like a word you are settling for to fill in a blank spot in time, one for most of us songwriters dictated by our best friend, the Metronome, sometimes called by most of us, the devils clock. Well thank The Lord that this old songwriter does not get interrupted sleep over hearing a metronome, dictating his march through this new song, but in my case its the Good Stuff!! I wake hearing this extreme expert masterfully, and I think it is James Taylor for me, or my very best friend, and one of the greatest guitarist I know personally, Jack Jezioro, who grew up across the street from me, and was about four years younger, but when he held an instrument, he became the leader of the band, and master of the strings, or any instrument he works on until he perfects it to purity, and so because in my mind I am certain what this master would do, this Percussionist/guitarist/ any other instrument I think I can master well enough to help me write a part to a song, and in my pile of instruments carefully polished and placed back in its proper case, for the next time, I want to abuse it for a little while just to get that note, that only a Violin can make, or a flute, of some design, including one chrome one in the case, (They are one of the coolest instruments ever made, as far as connecting rods, and marrying tabs are concerned) you see I even have my own terminology for how it works. But folks in my studio, I allow myself to play these instruments so I can fill a space where I here the flute, whether it be the real deal or just a recorder type flute. This was the standard in my days of growing up this Tudor flute was handed out to every new kid who wanted to try out for band. Where I came from everyone started out getting a simple Tudor flute in its long square cardboard box. It had all the great printing on the carton that you dont see now. Now that sell you instruments like that and you need a carper knife just to get in the heavy plastic vacuum case, but each flute had nine holes, not counting pinky sharp or flat, and right hand next finger up from pinky another double hole combination that make this little recorder flute capable of just about any melody sharp, flat or just purely in tune with any melody. What I am trying to express here is that songwriting comes with strings attached, if you let them, that will take you to places in your mind, say on your keyboard, another great example of possibilities. I would have to stop writing this article and ask Seri, this very smart lady who lives in my iPhone, who seems to know just about everything, how many possibilities of chords do you have on a standard piano keyboard, and then my phone embarrass me before my feet can hit the floor in the morning. I think you will get my point. I wake up with all of these possibilities rolling around in my head when working on writing a new song, and that is when you need to stay prepared. You need to keep a pencil, pen, or sharpie in hand to jot down this miracle addition you have dreamt or concocted while sleeping on it, and try it out. You definitely will be amazed at what you are capable of, if you just dont limit yourself, to one strict standard of writing a song. I use to love this show I watched with my kids in the early 70s, it was the Tom Chapin show, I think called, Dream A Dream, and he used his guitar to create songs for children each week, that were just masterful, and I am sure In-Prov most of the time. His opening songs went something like this with his lyrics. If you want it, you can get, but to get it, you have want it, anything you want to try, just let go fly high!!. My kids, at the time only two and nine, would have me sing that to them, as they said it inspired them to do things. So when you are working on a song over this weekend, think about some of the simple things I shared with you here in this article, and think about those simple lines from Tom Chapin, and remember today. If you want it, you can get, but to get it, you have want it, anything you want to try, just let go fly high!!. Enjoy your day and just let go and write a song, we are all waiting on it, trust me.


Take Time to Make Time

As an American artist, having a holiday, such as memorial day, gives us the time to thank the people who gave to us so that we might live as a free nation, and so thank's to all of those who gave their life, so we can have freedom. Also we have been rewarded extra time off because of this unselfish act to have free time to spend on writing music if we choose. This is a beautiful thing about being an American, and the holiday created to honor those who have given. I honor my Father, may he rest in peace, who was a wounded worrier from WWII. He showed me adversity, as this was a 6.5 ft. tall person who wore a shoe and extra 1" thick on one foot to make up the extra length he ended up with from his injury in battle. Also I am grateful to all of the many hundreds of thousands of service persons who did the same. For this reason, if we are lucky enough to be creative in their honor, that is a really great thing.
May God Bless Our Troops,
In The Honor Of My Father, R.I.P., Privet First Class, Robert E. Watson,
Blessings, Tony,