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Geno Mcmanus - Blog

Greetings and Salutations!

Hiya, as one of many "new kids on the block", I'd like this opportunity to introduce myself...I'm Geno McManus...I make, and perform music for a living for better of for worse (mostly for better)...I'm a restless free-spirit who has still yet to lose his energy, optimism, and love for the craft, and the "business" of performing, writing, interpreting, and singing...I have a "whatever is needed-let's do it!" it is leaning how to sing in Japanese, or purchasing the tools necessary to work in "today's business of music"...I love collaboration with other "pros", as well as sharing my own unique experiences to those "coming up"..We're all pretty much in the same "boat" these days, so to me it just makes sense...I've done (and still do) everything from consulting, singing in major arenas, and corner bars..I've Jammed with Eddie van Halen, rubbed elbows with legends of Sports and music alike...All the while I keep a simple approach, and have never forgotten my "blue collar" roots...I look forward to listening, meeting, and hopefully forging new and lasting creative friendships!
Cheers & Best wishes to everyone here!
Geno McManus