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Hi there,

first of all let me thank JJ Rocks for inviting me to this webpage. I will certainly spend time here to discover new music. I hope you will enjoy the music I am posting. I played in different bands from heavy metal over grunge and rock to a world fusion group composed of some African percussionists and a group of native Americans (the latter project was not very successful but the different cultures inspired me a lot). It was always my hobby to record these groups beginning with a simple tape recorder to more and more advanced equipment. Due to my job I am lack of time to play in bands currently but in the evening when my kids are sleeping I sit in my homestudio and try creating something new, which ideally sounds like nothing I have ever heard before. I love collecting and playing ethnical instruments. I am a terrible singer so I concentrate on instrumental music. The best way to characterize my music is certainly World Fusion but every song is different, dependent on the mood I am in.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.