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Russell A. Worrell - Blog

"The State of Musicianship Today"...a personal perspective...

When i was a baby, my father said that he could always leave me
alone in the living room by myself, as long as the record player
was playing...he said i wouldn't move from my spot
until the music had stopped.

I can remember, as i got older,actually looking for the musicians
in the speakers of our stereo...that's a true story. When i was able to read,
i looked forward to reading the back of the album covers to see who
was playing know that people could actually
create the sounds called music, was very exciting to
me...and i couldn't wait to do it too!
To make a long story mom realized my obsession and
put me in drum school at the age of 12...and my life as a drummer
was on and poppin!
Back then, every musical sound you heard was physically
played with human hands, fingers, feet, lips, teeth, toes,
which made it so amazing to watch...or be able to do yourself...
i remember those Earth, Wind & Fire concerts...going to see The
Whispers, Deniece Williams, Michael Jackson, War, Aretha Franklin,
etc, and seeing REAL musicians playing all of the instruments...
watching in utter amazement!

What's going on today???...don't get me wrong...the artists
on the frontlines are doing the damn thing, but it's not the same MUSICIANSHIP!., every thing is tracks...drumtracks...and sampled [ stolen ]musictracks from back in the day. Yes, the artists of today are
successful and i don't mean to take anything away from their accomplishments...they have worked hard to build their careers, and
should be commended for's just not the same as watching 10-12 people, doing 10-12 different things...and creating one big monster of a sound....there will NEVER be any substitute for that!

The mentality of being "competetive" in the musicians mind is also a step in the wrong direction...that's why i will never support the reality show "American Idol"...where people who have no talent at all..are allowed to compete with very talented artists...then placed in front of millions of people, to be laughed at and humiliated...
when the producers of the show knew that they were
talentless in the first place!
Musicians are one big family...all in it 4 the same create music...good music...solid music...tasteful music!
I feel honored to have a god-given talent to always live up to that very high keep musicianship right where it's meant to be.
...sitting on the drum chair, expressing all that i've learned over the years in my hands & feet!...not through drumtracks,sampled music, or putting down another fellow musician for
allegedly not being "as good as i am!"