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thoughts for today

As I keep going through my list of friends checking out songs I start at the back and move forward. finished page eight again for the cant remember how many times. This is fun.

Thoughtd for today

No I do not plan to make this a daily thing I am too lazy for that. I do have a question though. In the music area I see songs ranked by position and overall. In the same genre the overall can be wildly different. can anyone explain to me how these rankings work? thank you

thoughts for today

I had asked a lot of people to be friends. am a little overwhelmed by the positive response. Now I am working my through a growing friend list make sure I do some listening and rating. This has been a blessing to me. for so long I have wrapped myself in this Christian/Christian contemporary box. Because I am adamant about checking each friend usually more than just one song it has forced me to open up again. There truly are a lot of good artists who wont make the big game like myself. many deserve an audience because they are good. some will make the big game. I have grown personally from this. I ma the kind of guy who read catalogs to see whats new and might help. I have found something to take home from every genre. So to all who have become my friends I thank you for your help in making me better

Just so you Know

been working my way through my friends from back to front. though I do preference those who message me. still have a few pages to go