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Henry Kevin Edwards - Blog

lots of jams & Live Music

The jams are getting good again. The Wednesday and Sunday Blues jams are growing fast. Late Wednesday music jams are also great. The Julep and Murky Waters are where those happen at. The Basement jams and Bluesville BBQ & Blues Joint are good stuff. I will load up some recent material soon. I just got some live masters loaded up on the cpu.. The Halloween show and the night before and the Wednesday afterward were legendary. I have been painting some and fixing old guitars on my off days. We turned down that world tour to fix guitars and go swimming. Hoping to get the studio going 100%. Lots of hit writers in the area. I will write about that later. The Florabama and Blue Moon Farms are hot. Lots of good music there.

a good year

We have had a real fun year. 125+ gigs and the year aint over yet.. I have built some new guitars and fixed countless others. We recorded a lot this year. Did about 4000 recordings this year.. cant promise that i like all of them but they are there in case the ufos come back for me. C&M Music in Hattiesburg has a lot of new gear and tons of deals right now. I sure saw some great shows this year.

new album!

We have a new album almost ready. It should have about 12 originals and four classics on it.. i cant say the song yet but we have secured the rights on an awesome song I have always wanted to do. We recorded all but one song ourselves. About 8 of the songs will be live cuts from our shows. I hope to post some of the new material when i can. I Found some cool guitars to fix up. Got some festivals and a stadium type show this month. Looking forward to everything. Should be lots of fun

Clarksdale and Memphis-great places to jam

We have had some great gigs this year. We just did a thing with the Mississippi Music Foundation. Tonight we perform at Juan Tequilas

live from The Hard Rock Cafe

We played twice recently at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi. We recorded the shows and they turned out awesome! We are definitely going to make a live album from that gig. We had Dr John`s old sound guy for the first gig.The sound was unbelievabe.The first gig was so good.The crowd went wild for both gigs. The second show was really fun and we did great-but Dr Johns old sound guy was busy and we rolled the dice on that one.I was really proud when i got home and listened to the cuts. Some of the second show was over the top crazy crazy good.that was that bands fourth show. Im in quite a bunch of bands right now. The music has been good and everybody has been having fun.

another good show

We had a great tiime at San Miguel's last night.

good gigs

We went to some great shows and festivals in the past month or two.Got to go to the Squirrellaween fest,The Shed Blues Festival,and quite a few other cool places.The Saenger Theatre in Mobile had a show last night-"Friends of the Saenger" it included Wet Willie with J. Hall(Keep On Smiling) and friends.Many local artists were there to support the 80+ year old historic landmark and venue.There were so many folks at the Mississippi Song Writers Festival.I got to see old friends and I also got to meet many new amazing people. Got to see some really fine musicians at that one.It was free to the public and there were at least 100 performers there from all over the country.

rockin out

its about time to get all my buddies together to jam. The Mississippi Songwriters Festival is coming up soon. That is always a fun one. A friend wants me to fix an 1850s guitar that is quite a fancy one. that will be real fun. hope all is well in the music world.

these girls rock

Congratulations to SNSD on the success of their new album! They rocked out the David Letterman show last year when Bill Murray was a guest.

this is a cool guitar

Always wanted a red Fender. I got this one for a friend and they decided on a different color so I ended up with it. It gets a great glassy sound from that maple neck. Its perfectly in tune at every fret. We have gigged with it and never had any problems. Let me know if you have a 50s Guild Aristocrat-I have a friend looking for one and I only see them every once in a while on Ebay. Take care folks:)