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Dorothy's Recipes: Curry Chicken

Here is one of Dorothys incredible Caribbean recipes for your taste buds! This is one of my favorites and it goes great with any side dishes. She calls it Curry Pot Barbeque Chicken and it is a real island delight! Here are the Ingredients

2 lbs of chicken

1 tablespoon of Recaito (a green seasoning)

¼ teaspoon of all purpose seasoning

¼ teaspoon of Old bay seasoning

1 ½ tablespoons of ketchup

1 tablespoon of barbeque sauce

1 teaspoon of curry

½ of a small onion cubed

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

2 clove garlic crushed


Clean chicken and season with Recaito

Marinade for 30 minutes

Heat 8 inch pot with oil

Add all ingredients sauté for 5 minutes

Add chicken and stir

Cover at low heat and stir occasionally for five minutes

Add ¾ cup of water

Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally

This will be one of your favorite meals! - JJ Rocks

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  1. 09-10-2013
    The Stormy River Band

    Thanks for what you do for music and the artist

  2. 09-10-2013
    The Stormy River Band

    Looks good we texans love BBQ best wishes

  3. 07-02-2013
    Secret Lane

    Many thanks and greetings from Florence!!!

  4. 24-07-2012
    Raffaella Piccirillo

    hi thanks!

  5. 12-06-2012

    Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!!
    Cheers, Danielle,Potion13.

  6. 21-05-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Hi ! Thanks for add !!:-)) Greetings from Romania !

Dorothy's Recipes: Pumpkin Puree'

This is a new article about Dorothys Caribbean recipes that has been getting a lot of response. So get your taste buds ready for another mouth watering delight from one of St. Croixs true authentic island cooks. This tasty pumpkin puree side dish is one of my favorites and Im sure that if you follow the directions that you will have a little bit of paradise to add to your meat and potatoes!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

1. 2 pounds of pumpkin
2. 2 Cloves of garlic.
3. ½ onion
4. 1/8 teaspoon of salt
5. 1 teaspoon of sugar
6. 1 tablespoon of cooking oil
7. Use a 3 inch deep saucepan.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Peel pumpkin wash and dice 1/8 inch thick.
In saucepan heat oil and sauté diced onions and garlic.
Add pumpkin along with salt and sugar, and then stir.
Cover and cook over low heat and stir occasionally until pumpkin turns into puree, then turn off stove.

Im getting hungry just thinking about it! JJ Rocks

Happy Birthday Dorothy

This is a very special article that I just added to say happy birthday to our editor and chief of networking for St. Croix Music Magazine. She is the person who contacts musical artist personally one at a time and invites them to read our publication. This takes an incredible amount of time and in two years she has invited over 13,000 bands, musicians, and solo artist to be part of our family. This incredible lady has no enemies in the world and everyone who has ever met her winds up feeling her love.

So if you read this please take a moment to e mail her at and wish her a happy birthday for all that she has done to bring the independent musicians of the world together in one giant family in paradise. I may be the one who writes the articles, but Dorothy is the one who gets people from around the world to read them. We are a real team and Ill love her forever as my wife, best friend, and partner in our united quest to get music by the best independent bands heard by the right people.

Happy Birthday Dorothy! I love you! - JJ

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  1. 22-08-2011
    Lady Dove

    Happy Birthday Dorothy! Hope your day was filled with much love, laughter & harmonic dreams;)

    Walk In Peace & Balance
    Lady Dove

  2. 25-07-2011

    Happy Birthday, Dorothy! Hope you had a great day!!

Dorothy's green thumb

Many people think that because we live in paradise we should just be able to throw seeds on the ground and anything will grow. Now there are some places on the island where that may be true, but not everywhere. Some pieces of land have a lot of small rocks mixed into the soil (kalechi), and some are just dryer than others. We just happened to have a place with many rocks.

Some people with that type of land will bring in some top soil from other spots on the island when they want to plant. But we do our yard on a smaller scale where I just dig a hole big enough for a baby tree, and Dorothy pushes in the dirt that we bought at the local store. But thats just the beginning. Its not just planting, watering, and waiting. Well, at least not for Dorothy.

She goes out in the yard each day and talks to the fruit trees, and what ever else is growing at the time. I used to think it was just something cute that she liked to do. But when the results came in, people were blown away, and she was the one with the last laugh.
- JJ Rocks

Dorothy's giant avocados 2010

Many of our readers e mailed us the last time we featured some of the wonders from Dorothys incredible garden of fruit trees. This year her avocados are so big that some of them may be record size. We have given them to many of our friends here on the island and not only did they all say that they are the biggest avocados that theyve ever seen, but also the tastiest!

Dorothy always goes out into our little piece of tropical heaven and talks to the trees and plants while thanking God for taking care of them (and us). She says thats why her harvest is always so huge and mouth watering. Some of you scientific gardeners may not believe in her system, but the proof is in these photos and all the compliments from the people we gave them to.

JJ offering some avocados to Stacy, Luis, and baby Sofia
The only thing different about this year is that we had to hurry and pick all the remaining avocados from the tree because hurricane Earl was coming very fast. So now we have a table full of these giant fruits and we are about to try to freeze some of them. Too bad some of you are not here because we would gladly give you one to take home. By the way, most of them are over 12 inches long!
Peace from paradise, - JJ Rocks

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  1. 16-10-2011
    Doug Jackson

    I had no idea avocado's even grew that large... Outstanding...

  2. 02-10-2011


  3. 22-08-2011
    Lady Dove

    ((((WOW)))) Now that's BIG!

  4. 25-07-2011

    wow, they are GIANT!

  5. 24-07-2011

    Sveta says, avocados are good for health