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Randy Clark - Blog


Vibration and energy are the stuff of dreams and everything that is in the universe. The most sublime expression of energy is music. It seems everything is light and sound on one level/density or the other. To have music in my life and the peace it gives holds me in tune with beauty. Music focuses my passion and fuels my gratitude for all that I am. Sharing music is an expression of joy and fullfilment. It attracts so many beautiful souls to me. Gratefully, Randy

Living the Dream

I finally started to live my dream again. I am taking the time to do some writing and arranging and adding music to my portfoio of songs. It seems it is easy to get lost in the rat race and loose time and site of a dream. I have found in the past few months that dreams don't age or fade away they mellow and mature with time. So I recomend you pick up that art, music, designing, building businesses or anything you have dreamed of and hit it hard. It has been waiting patiently for you to remember who you are. Like that faithful dog that waits for his master your dream holds in que. Your dream is alive and well inside the dormant volcano. Let it erupt. See you soon. Randy