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Maybe its love again


Maybe its love again
A Poem/song by poetry-kiddo

This is for couples who have gone their separate ways and one day I hope and pray..will be united together this World or the next. When quarrels are resolved and flame of love kindred again

Maybe its love again

Feeble pulses, electric impulses in my brain,

Subtle excitement, rapid advancement, like a train,

Coolness and dampness, droplets of laughter in the rain,

Heart-beats are racing, love-birds are kissing;

Maybe its love again!

Church Bells are pealing, the pilgrims are kneeling;

Praying hard...

You are a minstrel roaming the valley;

I'm a Bard.

The sounds of the Organ, the bulbs filled with Argon;

they delight me.

Your flowery attire and taste for sattire fills me with


Run down the mountain, right to the fountain of life,

Roll in the green-grass free from the brown dust called

and strife,

Wave out to the sheppard, GROWL at the leopard; stay alive!!

Ring on your finger,will you in November, be my wife??

Wonder what went wrong was it a sad song I sang?

Tears in your eyes flowed, crimson your cheeks glowed, my


Past deeds forgotten, anew bell in autumn you rang!!

Hope that this trust grows, hope that your heart knows,

...............Maybe its love again!

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA live video of this song

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Alien Vows
A Poem/song by poetry-kiddo
An Inter-Galactic love story!
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Alien Vows


Im an Alien and I come from Andromeda Galaxy
Ive been searching for you princess in your unreality
I have traveled very far Just to find my pretty Star
And I hope that maybe someday baby you will be with me.

Tell me true does your Heart fear the dark
My eyes are hypnotic.. look above
And I know that your minds bright and pure
Why I love you like crazy I dont know

And like your Satellite I will orbit you
Its your gravity drawing me to you
Sunshine lights your face Moonlight gives it grace
And it makes Love glow in you

Fasten your seat-belt were gonna take a ride
Fly past Jupiter Uranus Saturn Neptune Mars
Alpha Centauri Pleiades our ancient home
Nibiru'll follow wherever we may roam

I am not your Aristotle, Galileo Galilei
Nor am I your Albert Einstein
Dont you know me my Fairy?
I saw Isaac Newtons Apple
Falling straight down from the Tree
When the Matrix and its revolutions reloaded in me

Ask the wise Oracle what will you be
Is Earth keeping you in slavery?
Particles, Quasars, Trinity
I cant stop loving you dont you see

And on the Pyramids we will land our Ship
We dont need no fuel just our own heart beat
And when Solar- flares radiate through us
We will fly away off to Venus

Pack up your bags girl lets roam the Milky Way
Soaring through ether what pleasant weather all day
Our home is waiting its just a few light years away
Hold on to me when Heaven floats by you pray

she: Make you vow...say it now
he: break your free..
she: will you be my the Banyan tree
Say it soon...say it now...and please do hurry...

No dont you worry love Ill stay close to you
Greet your salvation your life anew
And though our Worlds may die with the falling Sky
I will never forsake you

And from the pyramids we will launch our ship
We dont need no fuel just our own heart beat
And when solar flares radiate through us
We will fly away off to Venus

And like your satellite I will circle you
Its your gravity pulling me to you
Float in outer space feel the healing grace
Cause it makes love glow in you

she: When love flows and glows in you
Then my heart longs for you

He: I will never forsake you

she: is it a promise?

he: yes its you girl...only you

she: please be true

boy: Only you

Copyright 2010 Roque Lazarus and FLYING SAUCER