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Jill Ledet - Blog

Hi Everyone

I haven't been on in quite a while, I had to move from Eugene, back in Newport working part time @ Dollar Tree, still working on lots of music in my spare time. I came out with another cd called Zero Hour, have a new bf who treats me like gold, and always looking for new opportunities in music projects. It is as it is for the moment, I miss my time as an artist, had some run ins with some local people who wanted to tear me down told me how bad my artwork was, am having difficulty getting local gigs, but slowly getting my material out there, hopefully soon some of it will be played on local radio. I haven't had much time to bead or paint, so what little spare time I do have is spent on recording and playing new songs. Check me out on fb and listen to some of my new stuff and videos. The world is at our fingertips, and I will fly again. I hope all of you are blossoming in some way because time moves quickly and there is so much to do. I have memorized 1 new song called Eagle Coming For You, and you can listen on please support and buy tracks and let me know if I can send you one of my cd's.

Love and Light,

Jill Ledet

Happy New Year for 2013

hey u guys, we made it through the end of the world, so embrace finality as a new beginning. think a lot of people are lost right now, so be strong for them, show them who you are, offer a helping hand, as we progress towards a more inspiring sense uniqueness and individuality. Please if you haven't yet, rate my songs, could use some stars out there. If anyone is inclined I have music available on and through and my big news is that if you can go on my facebook page you could nominate me, or even vote for me to play in LA at the Grammy's they are voting on bands, So please check out my facebook band profile page and give me a like and nominate me if you can.
I am really looking forward to playing bigger venues this year, and outdoor ampitheatre type venues. Life is worth living with music in it! Love and Peace

Jill Ledet