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(Salute` Cava - French)

Vision : We Want To Say Hello To The World With Our Music !
Mission : Fine Music ,For Fine People, and In a Fine World !!


The band was established in 23 September 2004 in South Jakarta,INDONESIA after the "Cosmic" officially disbanded due Copyrights on Behalf of the Band for a new fox, Salusava Band Starting Line Up of 5 people : Dhean (vocals), A `an (Lead guitar), Sibianto / CB (rhythm guitar), Dandy (Bass) Novan (drum). Several personnel changes occurred because the band members wanted to raise a family like the CB that the contents of temporary positions (additional player) by Nizar and then Novan, and Benny on drums are filled by Irwan that in fact the younger brother of Novan, then join them Daniel Additional Keyboard to add more musical compositions easy listening . POP CREATIVE homage to the band, At least that's what we call the concept of music, SALUSAVA wrote the music easy listening, Salusava words taken from French Salut Cava, which means "Greetings With Our Music For Everybody" SALUSAVA already have enough Gigs hours, with the frequency they played well in the café`s as a group or a guest star in various festivals held in various colleges in Jakarta. Even SALUSAVA has released 10 of their songs on the album Indie "Yang Tersisa ". They were left pretty cool song to be heard and is promising to enliven the world of Indonesian music. As the narrative of the vocalists Dhean.

"The hope that there are producers who are willing to realize their Indie Music into an Indie Label Recording."
Well for you who want SALUSAVA music Just Find Their Indie Songs , you are guaranteed Not going to be disappointed.

Stage Performance

Live Perform GOR Bulungan with Guest Star “SUPERGLAD”.

Acoustic Band Festival Blok M Plaza December 2004, Following the festival with the aim of promoting our work to the audience in attendance at Blok M Plaza, there is no Attenttion to win the festival, but Maximal satisfaction with the work pieces to play our hand to those who are present there.

Live Music WARUNG APRESIASI , Saturday Night “Warung Apresiasi”, Bulungan October 2004, the first experience playing in the Public Appreciation “Gantari” gets applause awesome, where musicians hang out musicians who incidentally is more appreciative jakarta in listening to original works of performers who played there. Call From Erwin a worthy MC who was there to stop by often and we are happy to receive.

Live with Band Audition for Entering "KTS Nite" on Friday “Kafe Tenda Semanggi” October 2004, playing with eight songs on our own work entering cafe located in the clover, dominant jocks Jakarta City who often stop by to have fun here, we take advantage of a moment anniversary of the visitors to interact, just a day after bassist dandy`s birthday.

Supporting band "Malam Inagurasi STEKPI" LOFT 25 Cafe, Menara JAMSOSTEK in October 2004, is the culmination of students who were held in STEKPI LOFT 25 special band performer, the luxurius spot with an amazing sound, do not forget the applause of the Colleger`s in attendance at its own STEKPI they do not intend to ask for documentation of the steering committee has not materialized until now.

Live Music " WARUNG APRESIASI " Blok M September 2004. It often makes us Wapress Stage at ease and comfortable while we are here in order birthday or a friends home from a gig in another spot and stopped, but the offer of MC Opening Erwin always welcome to be happy.

Opening A Mild Rock Band Goes to Campus "STEKPI September 2004, is a matter of pride to open A Mild Rock Band Goes To Campus, its often we play in STEKPI with Inersia and Ten2Five Star Guest STEKPI Dance Competition at the moment dance scene among high school all Jakarta.

Guest Band (break session) live music "Second Born" News Cafe Kemang September 2004, one of the cafe in the number of Kemang in South Jakarta, as the guest band of Home Band Second Born, was a beautiful moment, stage, sound and applause from the visitors as well as positive advice from our Home Band always remember.

Guest Band Introductions STEKPI Art Workshop "Campus STEKPI September 2004, Campus Music Promotion Unit to a new student with Acoustic format.
Awesome moment !!!

Lively Event Guest Stars on Stage Entertainment "Comp. Zeni, Mampang August 2004, show the entertainment we played 8 songs and 2 songs “COKELAT” itself as a sign of thanks for the request of local people, “Allhamdullilah” results we wear to a gig Fee Demo Track.

Featuring Band at "STEKPI Dance Competition" STEKPI Campus in May 2004, STEKPI Annual event on the theme and the accompanying High School Dance Band and Ten2Five guest star was sponsored STEKPI, POSTER Magazine, Mtv On Sky.
Successful event ^ o ^

Acoustic MTV On Air On Sky January 2004, the first bid for Live Radio Acoustic format, Sunday morning, the response of listeners who suspect that Removing “COKELAT” new album, in our hearts we are proud of the work is considered to be comparable, but it's not a negative thing because we see “COKELAT” Band when it is in the format that we are interested.

Live Music "WARUNG APRESIASI, Saturday Night "Blok M in March 2004, several things happened in the last stage when we Drummer not present, and the format of 4 people with an additional keyboard.

Live Music "WARUNG APRESIASI, Friday Night "Blok M in January 2004

Finalists Throphy Mtv Goes To Campus at STEKPI, the first time we played in front of which incidentally Vocalist Kikan COKELAT At that time, a pride of his own, and no expense to win the festival, which received applause with a trophy is not worth anything ^ ^.

Some of us may forget attach event, Indonesia's Independence Events, Event Invitations Birthday dear friend, and some Band Festival, the lack of documentation was thick when creating a portfolio of attachment band Proposal.

2005 - Benny (drummer) resigned. Married
2006 - Sibianto (CB) resign, Married
2005- 2011- OFF BAND - to prepare a new drummer that in fact the younger brother Irwan Novan, Busy with real life.
2012 - Dean Married.

February 2012 - Audition for Guest Vocal Duet On Stage
20 February 2012 - Live Streaming Online Radio Music Radio Area
26 February 2012 - Pro Invitation Formi Mild Live Stage Johannesburg - Pondok Gede

Maret 2012
Adjustment New Format, New concept for long-term concept Recycle Demo Track 2004.
Trainee Vocal, Drum Adjust, Adjustment Bass, Guitar Effects Adjust for next Gigs. (There is no Rhytm Rock, Jazz Drummer, Keyboardist and Pop anymore).

Life Full Band 'D' moz Café "Veteran Raya, Tanah Kusir , Jaksel
Community Events , with one stage kawan2x Indie Band,,, Little Accident At Jack Bass on the scene, Up 5 times Loss But Show Must Go On.

Full Band and Live Online Streaming "IRO INDIE DUA DUNIA" 24 April 2012,Event for Indie Online Radio 3 Best Live Streaming Online Voting Chart at the Koffiedoloe Cafe.

Live Acoustic "IRO GRAMED COUSTIC" 28 April 2012
Scholastic Store opening in Jakarta Hypermall, Live Acoustics and Interview.

Opening Formicoustic May 11, 2012 - 6th Floor Blok M
Opening Band Jam Session “FORMICOUSTIC” Forum Musik Indie Indonesia

Formicoustic May 17, 2012 - 6th Floor Blok M
Guest Jam Session Music Forum Indie Indonesia

Formicoustic Jam Session May 18, 2012 - Hillary Kofitiam
Live Acoustic at Cafe Hillary Kofitiam, Format Acoustics.

Promo Radio UK at - June 18th-12pm (UK Time zone)
Streaming Radio offers of England with some of his other band, attracted bids for Promotion Abroad.

PrestonFM Radio Promo UK - June 21th - 12pm (UK Time Zone)
Gifts for High Intensity Low Listener time clock (Peak Slot) Hour 12 pm, Listener to exceed 45 000 in re recording replay coraroseradio in English FM radio “PrestonFM”.

Perform Live Event Formi “MUSIC MOTION” Blok M Plaza 1st Floor - July 14 2012
Perform last July 14 ... We Are For Real Life Resting ... Salute for Supporting Us