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Fazz-k band - Blog

history Fazz-k band, cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

Fazz-k band formed in West Java, cianjur.. friendship, bencek and ba, ung. Music from the same hobbies, date (01/01/2010) Awan came in, invitations bencek and ba, ung, on (28/01/2010). We released a song titled STAY AT HEART. Creator: baung that became our mainstay. Fazz-K BAND not there is name meaning kusus.Fazz-K band is taken from the name of the village birth us, thank you for your willingness to share, input from ,of you pivotal for us,that we make it an inspiring future for the band that we are living.
# # Fazz-K BAND consisting of # # (1). Awan: vocal, (2). ba, ung guitar and vocals2 (3) bencek,: drums, GREETINGS FROM OUR PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP Fazz-K BAND