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Mongo Slane - Blog


Everybody was born with a dream. A dream that you once believed in. That dream kept you alive, it kept you going in this fucked up world with these crazy ppl. But somewhere along the way that dream got lost and so did you. Now your just in this world living without purpose. We all have a purpose in this world, we all were giving life for a reason. The reason your still here on this earth is because God isnt finished with you yet. Most ppl give up on there dreams and end up settling for less. You continue to go tp that job you hate so much buliding someone elses dream instead of building your own.We as parents once told our kids that they could be anything they wanted to be in this life. So our kids dream bigger dreams, but when they get older they see that it was all bullshit because you yourself arent what you wanted to be. It all begins with the mind. If you dont think you will be successful then youll end up a failure. Most dreamers in this world are positive thinkers and believe in themselves. Bill Gates was once a dreamer, Steve Jobs, was once a dreamer, Russell Simmons, Pdiddy, Oprah, all these ppl were once dreamers but they never gave up on their dreams. They remained positive throughout all the negativity. They all continued to get back up when they were knocked down, so with hard work, dedication, determination, and changing your way of thinking YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE TOO!!!

i love the studio

being in the studio is a stress reliever for me. i love making music. its makes me feel great. there are times when i amaze myself. i know my fans will be proud of my new music like me. and i hope most of my fans will be willing to pay for my new music to support me in making more and better music. making music is not cheap. but i do this for not just for me but for my fans. LOVE ALL YALL

my solo album

Im sooooo excited about my new album/mixtape coming soon. I will reach a broader audience. A TRUE ARTIST DOES NOT LIIMT THEMSELVES. WE HAVE NO MUSICAL LIMITATIONS