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Jam Abraham - Blog

Hello Strangers

My name is Mark and among other things i am the vocalist in Jam Abraham. I realise that most people reading this will not know who we are, so it is only proper to give you a little background of the band. The band started in late 2006 and is the realisation of a group of friends' musical tinkerings.

Previously we had gigged heavily in the UK in our respective projects, and Jam A is very much seen as a musical respite. We practise hard and write hard. We are all grown up, we work, and three of us are responsible fathers. The day jobs get in the way of creativity, but it puts the food on the table. As musicians we have been around far longer than is probably imagined, and as friends and a band we have been through a lot together.

Our friend and the bass player in the band left Jam Abraham in July of last year on good terms to pursue a life less barmy. We had to endure a few failed auditions before filling the spot in January of this year. We have a lot of material, unrecorded and recorded, in various styles and we intend to record and attempt to get industry standard mixes and masters when we get back on our feet (which is fast approaching).

For the tracks you hear we hired a local studio for one day and cram in four or five tracks fully mixed-and that is evident in the recordings, so for that we apologise. When we are writing music we make a conscious effort to blend and challenge the genre specification of each track, we do this by trying to incorporate unexpected elements, this depends on each track as its own seperate entity. We have a clear idea of the sound we wish to achieve, and the equipment we use is, for want of a better word- a bit dated, but our goals are always the same.

Keep making music.