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Sasha Firewolf - Blog


As I find more and more talent in the music world, I also find more and more styles I'd never known existed. And I am blown away that I like ever more types of music than I'd ever thought of! I guess it's true. I still cannot find a song I cannot say at least one good thing about. I just love MUSIC!

Making Changes

To anyone who ever says, "I'm only one person; I can't change the world"

You may not change the entire world, but you can change the world of those you meet. It is amazing how much support is being given to the Break the Silence to Stop the Violence movement. Victims and survivors everywhere are starting to talk about their experiences. Why? Because people, just like you and me, stood up and said "It's time we listen to those who talk. It's time we take a stand" And, you know something? My music does have a message. A message that no matter what you are going through, you're not the only one. You are not alone; you have people somewhere who will know what you're going through, understand your emotions and your reactions, and needs your support and friendship just as much as you need theirs. That's it, plain and simple. We need a world of LOVE so that we can HEAL! And when I get even just one short line "Thanks Sasha, Song of Survivors was really what I needed to hear today" That, my friends, THAT is what music is REALLY all about. Reaching out and touching someone's heart, helping them, healing them, giving them hope, and faith, and strength, and courage to KEEP FIGHTING!

Posting mistake? Or just having fun?

I posted something earlier, and I'm starting to wonder if I should have. I know that most shows and movies end up having blooper reels, so I figured why not...let's put on in music! Of course, I wasn't TRYING to start this trend...I was doing a serious recording acapella, and my mic just went haywire. It did it on at least 7 different takes! And at first it was so funny, I laughed the first 5 times! Then it started getting annoying (purely because it was messing up my timetable for release, rofl) but I thought "Hey, if I laughed so hard I cried, maybe it will make someone else laugh, too" But now, I'm wondering...will anyone ever take me seriously again? Oh, well, it was fun!

Great being here!

It's really great being here, and I'm definitely looking forward to listening to all this great music! But, unfortunately, work has kept me up far past my bedtime and left me little playtime (ah, who am I kidding, I LOVE making music and new friends!) So, for tonight, I leave you with this. "Never speak permanent words during a temporary emotion. You may never take them back, no matter how hard you wish." "We all leave fingerprints on the lives we touch. What do your prints say about you?"