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Lawrence Munoz - Blog

My project - Laz Jazz featuring Steve Laury, founding member of Fattburger

This is a description of my crowd funding project on indiegogo:

Hi there!

My name is Larry Munoz. I am a contemporary jazz saxophonist currently living in Gilbert, AZ.

I created the Laz Jazz project because I want to provide original music that is both unique and appealing to those who enjoy contemporary jazz. Collectively, the music I write include elements of jazz, rock, soul, funk, Latin, and even classical at times.

If the funding goal I need is reached, the musicians (in addition to me) and sound engineer who will be recording tracks in studio for the first Laz Jazz CD are all best described as heavy hitters.


Steve Laury is the founding member of the world-renowned contemporary jazz group Fattburger and has several solo albums released. Steve has had several of his own tracks hit number one in Billboard, R&R, and has sold over 800,000 CDs.


Nicole Pesce is a monumentally talented pianist/keyboardist who has performed for Muhammed Ali, Ricky Martin, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lewis, and George Bush, Sr, to name a few.


Mel Brown toured with my favorite jazz saxophonist, Eric Marienthal, for 2 years, is a two-time Grammy Award winner, played on 10 number one singles and 6 number one albums.


Perry Senn is an excellent, highly energetic and well-rounded drummer, endorsed by Rob Chiarelli ( ), David Garfield ( ), and Chris Colangelo ( ). Perry is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Sound Engineer

John Wroble is the owner of Porcupine Studios, where he has engineered the Grammy-winning album Givin It Up with George Benson and Al Jarreau. John has also engineered additional albums with George Benson, including a Boney James album (featuring George Benson) and an album by The Kingston Trio.

A taste of my past and present can be found here:

I have had this recording of one of my original compositions done a few years ago, which includes me playing the tenor sax:

To help show that I am a highly skilled saxophonist, here is a link that shows me playing live as the lead/solo tenor saxophonist in the PUMA Jazz Ensemble: video

Some of the compositions I have written are not particularly difficult, and some are challenging. All of them need professionalism at a premier level to meet the high standard of quality I am striving to achieve.

If you would like to see further into the passion I have for my craft, you can see an interview of me by Jennifer Stoker, Director of WROM Radio: