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Dbone (Dusty Giles) - Blog

A few things

1. My Android phone doesn't play flash, so I can't hear or play any music on this site. I really would to hear my friends music and rate it but I haven't been able. I currently don't have a computer or Id be using that anyways. Circumstances I can't control.

2. I've been reading JJ's articles everyday and learning a ton. The funny thing about his belief system is that it remarkably reminds of someone I know. Truly strange.

3. I have been posting his articles and thoughts of mine at my blog "home website". Which is

4. I love Puzzles and Riddles and things but I'm getting stumped. I have schedules of ideas.

Choosing the right niche.

One of the things I like about music is its wide variety, and the fact that there are so many genres to pick from. I started doing an unplugged version of music with an acoustic guitar only. This niche I would like to lead with is a Solo or not Acoustic bare bones cut right down to its Singer Songwriter roots. After I get a new song recorded and mastered I begin to add different instruments for a band feel or "What would this song sound like if it were on the radio."
I was told once to just focus on one niche not two because it may bring confusion to whoever might be interested in why we sound so different. (from song to song) I want to leave the door open for as many listeners and potential customers as possible. Especially those who will come back, again and again. See my blogs at Reverbnation, and listen to my radio show on Sundays at 6pm MST at Until next time, Dbone.