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Jeremy Wayne - Blog


Currently working on improving every one of my songs.... changing lyrics... improving arrangements, etc. Just want to make them all sound more catchy. Plus, I finally got some software to work on what I've been wanting to all along... Technobilly.

Been away...

Sorry I've been neglecting my pages. I tried out for America's Got Talent and couldn't even get on the first 'TV Round'. Been a bit depressed because of it. It was a great experience, regardless. I felt really good about the audition but I just didn't get the call.

New Rockabilly Singer

Well.... I've been working on this for years. I'm happy to finally have a professional recording of what I've done. It's exciting to know that I have a physical CD to sell to people as well as the digital stuff being available on Amazon and iTunes. I'm hoping a few of you can come by and have a listen. Just working hard right now to get my first real gig. I'm currently performing on 3rd St. in Santa Monica as often as I can get up there. It's quite a drive from where I live.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)