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Jo'King - Blog

Approaching The Finish Line!

Growing up in Natchez, I was always fascinated watching my mother play the guitar, and her sisters playing the piano, as they were joined by their two brothers creating great harmonies with their vocals. She was also a singer in a dynamic gospel group along with one of her brothers and seven other members, collectively known as "The Natchez Tornadoes", and I always had a front row seat. I was lucky enough to grow up singing just a little, not really taking it serious. At least not until November 15, 2008 at 3:15am. Waking up out of a deep sleep singing a song that would be called "In The Water". Suddenly I felt compelled to visit my music room and capture what was in my dream. Four hours later, I was impressed with my accomplishments. Two weeks later, I find myself laying down tracks for my third song. Not bad for a guy who couldn't play music. I suddenly realized that God was up to something. He had planted a seed within me, and now it is my season. At that point, I began to get very serious about my CD prospect. Eight of the fifteen songs I have written and arranged will be featured on the Album.
I have worked tirelessly to put this CD together. It is ready for the next stage. I can see the end of the tunnel, and the completion at hand.
The ultimate goal for me is to release my first solo gospel CD of songs that were inspired by God and written and arranged by me. That dream is about to become a reality. I Thank God that he saw fit to change my life and give me the clarity of mind to know my true purpose-to serve Him and lift His name on high. I thank all of my supporters for their encouragement and inspiration. A special thanks to BARRY MORGAN for his collaboration on "The Way The Truth & The Life". He gave that song a breath of life, and gave me the inspiration I needed to move forward. Thanks to my brother Ron C. Shaw for his musical arrangement on "I Love You Jesus" and It's All About Love", and Al Bemiss, who was there for me when I needed musical guidance.
I pray that this year will bring much success, and open many doors of opportunity for "ALL" who believe, and put their faith in Christ. Thanks for cheering me on, Jo'King.