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Gerald Harris - Blog

New release on Tate Music Group

we are releasing a new project in 2014 , so be sure to look out for it will be posting
release date on spotlight zone also God Bless

KLDC 1220 AM Denver Colorada .

Thanks to KLDC 1220 the Shine and Ms Sandy Thompson , the program director thanks Denver , we went into "heavy rotation there and that great the people of showing us a lot of love there , can't wait to go visit , and maybe perform that would be awesome , thanks again Sandy and KLDC they play a great roster of artist from Smokey Norful to the Winans,

Cross Rhythms Radio

I am happy that Cross Rhythms Radio out of London England , put us in rotation
thanks to Ms. Maxine Cummings , and Ms. Stella Redburn for the wonderful review that she gave us this is the link to the review if you would like to check it out


check us out on our new page on facebook/GeraldHarrisMusic and if you like
our page gives a thumbs up like God Bless

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  1. 02-10-2013
    Gerald Harris

    CD signing that we had at the Better Days West Record Store , @ 2600 West
    Broadway in Louisville Ky. had a great time and blessed day meeting everyone

Great Day Live Show , March 18 ,2013

We had a ball doing the Great Day Live morning show with Angie Fenton
at Better Days West live at 7;00 am in the morning you can check out the
Show just type in Gerald Harris sings at Better Days West WHAS channel 11
type that into your search bar and it will take you right to it was alot of fun doing
live TV .God Bless Gerald Harris

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  1. 15-08-2013
    Gerald Harris

    the latter rain CD is also available in mp3 format downloads on Itune
    CD universe and Lifeway Christian Bookstore and better days west in Louisville Kentucky