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"The Voice"

Though only a few close friends and family members knew, the producers of NBC's "The Voice" contacted me about doing a private, "fast-track" audition surpassing the traditional open call process. I want to thank McNulty Casting and "The Voice" for giving me such an amazing opportunity!

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  1. 17-02-2014
    Marisa Ireland

    Hey, Knoxville friends! Join me on Wednesday, February 26th, at the downtown Knoxville Visitor's Center for the "Blue Plate Special" show! I'm hoping to see you there.

  2. 17-02-2014
    Marisa Ireland

    Hey, folks! Tune in tonight to 90.3 FM, Knoxville's WUTK "Indie Aisle" show, where I'll be performing live. Can't wait!