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Suncrown - Blog

Just a little insight on the Suncrown experience is for 'Follow Your Dream'

This CD is a perfected demonstration of the experience that is Suncrown. The sound is one of sheer perfection and balance. There is an utter thrust that propels the epic/symphonic-metal style a very unique harmony between the aspects of the classical and the thrash. All parts one impossible without the other work in such an absolute harmony with one another that it is difficult for even the most attuned ear to discern the simultaneously silky and obscure transitions. The music is highly intense and characterized by an indefinable flow and synchronicity,creating a provokingly moving musical encounter. The album effectively expresses Suncrowns fundamental identity through continuity of message and sound: Promoting unity among humanity through the connection of strength, belief and trust.

Each song is a variation of the same theme as is experienced in a variety of ways.Its as if the listener is perceiving something that is freshly deep and powerful by simply looking at it through a different lens, yet, that altered perspective is equally profound in its own distinctive way. Each piece has an individual theme accompanied by original booklet artwork specifically created to reflect the core song lyrics, which are also featured on each page. The passion of this album is so profound it simultaneously moves the listener to introspection and to extroverted compassion. To embrace life and its inherent goodness and extend oneself to others in an equally moving manner. It is peaceful yet driving; serene yet vibrant; tranquil yet forceful each of those opposing and interrelated forces that impel the listener to: Follow Your Dream".