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Well that's the title of one of my favourite ELO songs....but on this site...the confusion is........Is anyone out there??..I have only just joined this site,and have made numerous friend requests and commented favourably on quite a few artists songs and music...and...nobody has replied!

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  1. 23-10-2013
    JJ Rocks

    Hi Bruce! sometimes it takes a while. But just look at Blackberry Wednesday's profile. They are here everyday making friends and they have many ratings from other members. Other than that I can't comment on other members not responding, All I can say is keep trying. Peace - JJ Rocks

  2. 23-10-2013

    This is another picture I took in 2009...Pendle hill in the background.

Slow day!

Hello there...I am the manager of a pub and work seven days and nights a week...The worst times are when it is quiet....Boredom sets in,followed by self doubt and worry for the future...Music is my comfort....Not just my own...Music of all kinds...Which in a way lead me to this place..( site )...I will be spending quite some time on here..Listening to much music and adding my own music,video and pictures.....Hope some of you out there enjoy what you see and hear....I have never been bothered about long as I have enough to get by....Music gives me such great pleasure...I am returning the favour by posting my work on here...x