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Philip Scales - Blog


JJ Rocks whom really is a ROCKIN kinda of guy has my respect and admiration.
I for the longest time have been a member here but was unable until recently to log in and listen to music...All these stellar musicians displaying their talent and I felt like I was at a music store only able to look at the cover of the album/cd. For what ever reason... my expert friend said I had some 2780 some odd viruses on my computer...ya think it was running a TAD slow
Anyhoo...I've loaded up some material for all to hear. Moreover, I have finished four new REGGAE compositions I plan to also load up for those to peruse.
For those who don't know me from my bio...I'm an independent ARTIST writing,arranging,performing,recording,engineering,producing ALL my material as I find time is money in the studio. I am the only whom can slow production down.I say the aforementioned as I have been in various recording scenarios wherein for what ever unnecessary reason...production was hindered...therefore...I've been there done that...& the T-Shirt...Sooo...My Indie Label {Trinaissance Entertainment}...along with My studio...will endeavor to provide some sort of "EAR CANDY" for your enjoyment!
I plan to browse the block for you other KICKIN musicians and check out where your head(s) is/are at...Peace Brothers & Sisters...TRINAISSANCE!!!