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Dave Halladay - Blog

Solid gone

New song. Work has begun on my shelved project, "Pop Princesses and Overnight Successes," at last.

Midsummer madness

Hoping to put on a Midsummer Solstice show, complete with sixties style light show and dancers. Doing band rehearsals. Should be interesting. Hope I can pull it off.

Season's greetings

All the best for 2014.

One love,

Dave H.

Album Release

Mean Medusa is now available to purchase from

Alternative take on "Fallen Heroes"

Reworked the mix and posted today on Remembrance Sunday in memory of those we've lost.

Feedback on the two versions would be most appreciated as I still feel there is room for improvement.

Remember the real heroes that fought to end tyranny and give us peace. The fact that it was all in vain is not their fault but the fault of the elitist power brokers who profit from war.

God bless the noble warriors and damn the men who sacrifice them in their schemes.

Fallen Heroes

I've uploaded a song that I recorded some time ago and shelved as I was dissatisfied with the mix. I've remixed it and it's an improvement. Having said that I mean to try and redo it altogether at some point, perhaps even with a different arrangement.

Anyway, the song is my homage to my great uncle who was a Pipe Major in the First World War. He died of critical wounds in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq and is probably buried somewhere in Baghdad.

New to the Zone

Thank's to J.J. for inviting me to the Spotlight Zone.
Looking forward to connecting with like minded folk and hearing some new music.