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Burt K. Arthur aka NorthernBandit - Blog

New Release...Interview. Freeman ( Not A Ghost )

New Release...Interview.

*A personal interview about his new release Sept. 13 2014 Titled ‘Freeman’ (Not a Ghost ) with Songwriter Burt K. Arthur / NorthernBandit NB: So your new song is coming out in a day or so, from what you’ve told me briefly it sounds exciting, what’s your explanation? BKA: I was able to meet up with my friend Victor Snow to collaborate on this piece which revolves around the basis of my music back ground, the Blues but to clarify this more notably is a Heavy Rock Blues adventure. NB: You said earlier before we started the interview that you drew inspiration for a number of places, can you elaborate? BKA: Surely, The lyric could really be about any place in time…though it was derived from a character in a Harry Potter story named Dobby. The music’s focus is an upbeat tempo with solid Drums, Bass and Guitar but I have to admit with that without Victor on Drums and Keyboards this would not have been as great as it is, the idea was promising but he really gave me the ability to pull up and deliver a Rocker, his playing is stellar. NB: To wrap this up what would you tell listeners about why they should give a listen to this new song? BKA: Life is about rhythm…that is what this song is about. The ebb and flow of energy, the beginning, end and the continuation of the living spirit!

Production Release..."One More Day"

To let you know that I am releasing tonight July 21 2014 in conjunction with my Co-Writter Victor Snow the release of
our colabreration...a brand new song I penned June 19th titled 'One More Day'.
We are both very excited about the song and hope you will give a listen like all good Rock Kids would sure to turn it up.
Special note is I am Dedicating this song to a fellow musician and friend who lives in Dundee Scotland...Ken Bruce.
Fact of the matter he is a kind soul and I would like to honor him in our publication this evening.

Song Title: One More Day
Written by: Burt K. Arthur June 19 2014 / Co-written By: Victor Snow July 20 2014
Burt Arthur performs Vocals, Fender Jazz Bass and Gibson Les Paul STP.
Victor Snow...Producer and Arranger, performs Piano, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Cello
*My sincere thanks to Victor and Kenneth for their support and friendship
**I Dedicate this song to our friend Kenneth Bruce
***My everlasting gratefulness to all my supporters, Thank you!

" A Story " Remix and Percussion by Victor Snow*

You have got to check this out...a quick post to let you know that in the last week or so I met a fellow Artist and Instrumentalist named Victor Snow from Kansas City, Mo. via ReverbNation...Through messaging and conversation we collaborated on this track and Victor worked his engineering magic and Drum playing to give the song the boost it needs...besure to play this's a Rock song and deserves the attention...and please be sure to check out Victor Snow on ReverbNation...he is a Great Writer, and Performer...Thank you Victor for the fantastic fun in this one off adventure! Peace.

To my friends, Fans and admirers...

Thanx again and be sure to "Like" them if you really do...I am most apprecitive of your support...leave me a note or something to show you care eah? Have a Great Day!

Part II "Recreation of an Idea"

Part II
Excerpts from a conversation with NorthernBandit on the “Recreation of an Idea”.
Interview conducted by:
Burt K. Arthur
March 08 2014
Song Title “FreeBorne” copyright 1994

BKA: From where we left off last…you were about to tell us the progress of your current project, how’s it going?
NB: Quite well actually…after elaborating about my psychology in writing the lyric’s for this tune what I have been concentrating on is getting my practice on with the Rhythm Guitar.
BKA: Practice…can you give us some detail as to what you mean?
NB: Oh yeah, well… part of the dilemma I am faced with is the management of time, I have a very full life and even at my age I don’t have huge blocks of time to just randomly lock myself in a room and blast away at a project so I hack away at it in bits and chunks and that is how I get myself ready for a recording, one thing that has to be consistent in the song in the rhythm, so that has been my main focus for the couple of weeks.
BKA: What makes this so important…
NB: …I think first and foremost it has to do with order, in modern music there are so many ways this subject can go…because there are all these different styles of music. Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues, Contemporary and so on…particularly in my case and in this song idea I am presenting the background of the track, it has got to carry the song due to the dialog of the story, it has to remain fluid as the lyric sets the storyline, the music creates the emotion and color, the drama and the punctuation.
BKA: This is Rock and Roll right?
NB: Oh yeah, sorry for getting all tech-know on you…sometimes I don’t realize I’m just going on…

NB: So for me as I said before it’s about order…I never studied music theory; I write and play by ear …Rock and Roll it’s kind of a fly by the seat of your pants, an in your face style of music but with this song it involves…a more complicated aspect and range of human effort that makes ‘FreeBorne’ unique.
BKA: You’ve talked before about rhythm…is there some correlation here with which guitar you will us and the tone?
NB: By all means…first off I will admit I am a guitar freak… but more than that I’m a freak about tone…the sound has to be just right…there have been times I got it right the first time and then those times I had to tweak things a bit to make it happen…in this case I am dialing in on character and playing specific guitars for that ‘One Off’ sound for this project. I am working with my sons Epiphone Dot Studio 335 which has this great bit of hollowness and the clear ring. With the right amount of volume it breathes a warm yet jangly sound without being too brite…
BKA: That’s interesting; how far along are you at this point?
NB: The soups on simmer right now. Things usually fall into place without much planning but I’m hoping to get started with the recording process in the next couple of weeks.
BKA: Is there anything you want to add in before we end this interview?
NB: Yeah…just to say that I have been waiting years to rerecord this song and finally pushed myself hard enough to get to it…’FreeBorne’ was originally recorded on a Fostex 8-Track Cassette machine, the audio frequencies were right on but there were a couple of things I wanted to right. Initially in 1994 I didn’t have a Bass Guitar so I improvised and played the lower strings on one of my six string guitars instead…not really the low end sound I was hoping for…and I wasn’t happy with the final mix on the master concerning the layering of the instruments and the vocals overall. Not a bad recording but the song has got so much more potential that I don’t see any harm in working this out in a new take and some new energy.

*This interview concludes a two part series…You can read and listen to more fun stuff regarding music, Blues, Rock and Roll by going to and to hear a lot more about me. Copyright 2014

Excerpts from a conversation with NorthernBandit on the “Recreation of an Idea” Part One.

Excerpts from a conversation with NorthernBandit on the “Recreation of an Idea” Part One.

Interview conducted by:
Burt K. Arthur
March 06 2014
Song Title “FreeBorne” copyright 1994

BKA: Good evening, nice to get together with you again on the subject of music and this particular project you had told me you were working on rather recently…
NB: you bet, thanks for taking the time, I know you have a busy schedule.
BKA: So you have this song “FreeBorne” can you give us a preface about this track and what you mean by “Recreation of an Idea”?
NB: Absolutely, back in 1994 I recorded this song on a Fostex 8-Track Multi-Track Recorder with great excitement…the problem is I had always wanted to redo it not because it had a problem but because I liked the song so much…and due to all the technical changes in Audio Recording we come to this point and time in this songs history that brings me to its “Recreation”…I believe that is a valid reason and I think the lyrics transcend the times.
BKA: How do you mean?
NB: I hope you can stay with me on this…I’ll try not to get ahead of the story…Robbie Robertson of ‘The Band” fame…to start with has been a great inspiration to me on many levels…1994 was the year that I began to identify more clearly with the Native American peoples here in North America not personally but through the medium of the written words of the great Native American spiritual and tribal leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries…Ricky Medlocke of the Southern Rock Band Blackfoot had been another huge influence on me, both men have a great way of lyrically setting a tone of wisdom if you can allow yourself to pick up on it.
BKA: If I understand what you are saying you believe there is a lot to learn from the American Native culture?
NB: Yes, without a doubt…what little I have picked up has given me much peace and a finer connection to the world around me.
The whole idea of the song is pretty self explanatory, I have posted the lyric previously and will do so again once I finish the ‘new’ recording, I really think you all will enjoy it, that is my hope.
I had envisioned in my mind a backdrop of Minnesota or Wisconsin initially and even Montana, you know Big Sky Country. A place where as part of the lyric says “ You can reach right up and touch the sky, never leave the ground you stand”.
The basis for the song is an ‘awakening’ of the spirit to higher things…something as I said was happening to me and the way I was sort of ‘channeling’ what I believe to have been my natural spirit. It was very comfortable…
Part of the drawing to the idea was to have a mantra like rhythm throughout the whole piece…kinda Rock and Roll, Folk, Blues but what really surprised me was the last piece of the song, I guess a reprise if that is correct terminology for what happens.
For me it really involved going deeper in my own sub-conscience and drawing out this gut feeling of joy, sorrow, thankfulness and pride that I seemed to sense of a people that were here long before us white folk arrived from far away shores and who proceeded to take the land. The land that these Native Americans respected and felt they did not own but were given the land to take care of their needs and to share in the harmony of the earth.
Our Native American Indian forefathers…the women and children were one with the Earth…who celebrated the Ghost Dance…who sang to the sky and sun, the moon and the rain…to the winds of this great earth…”Hey Yah Hey”…that is my tie to the sky, this phrase grew from me for the finally, the one thing that brings my spirit and soul together in this song…
…To be continued…

Nothun but The Blues


Nothin but The Blues!

...So you want to talk about The a subject for discussion about music it intails alot of fact, sometimes a little bit of fiction and a whole lot of embelishment over the trials and tribulations of our lifes. It can be watered downed to depress the the depression of a love gone bad...a battle won or the miraid of other things that afflict the human condition...
Playing guitar and singing the Blues to some seems to come as natural as breathing and to trying to attribute it to anything less then the talient of the indivigual is a bit defeating to it's glory because like most things in life if you work hard enough you can achieve almost anything but as in the case of the guitar, work won't alway serve you...the guitar has to become your voice, it has to take that internal sound that you may not move through your vocal cords and process it through your fingers and for those who are moved to sing out loud the human voice accompanied by the guitar can become an inspirational medium for displaying the depths of the soul and the hights of the heavens...
life experiences can and most usually effect the outcome of a Blues Artist cannot fake the truths and emotions of The is a humble and bolsterious form of expression and there are so many different levels of performing a Blues idea...from a single one man band strummin away singing with a heart felt growl to the escallation of a five piece Blues Rock Band blastin out loud...the message is simular but never the Ricky Medlocke wrote in a lyric once..."You have to crawl before you can walk, you have to cry before you can talk...I've done me enough crawlin it made howl and moan...are you with me now"...Searchin! That my friends is a little bit about The Blues...from me to you! Peace.

Rock Poetry

Players Lament
Copyright Feb.24 2014
Written By: Burt K. Arthur aka NorthernBandit

Blacken fingers once again
The strings are the voices from my head
Oh how I wanted to play
And to bring out the energy the anger the rage

It’s not a negative but a stretch of the mind
To pull from the universe the rhythm and rhyme
To pick up and pluck downward to rock and to roll
Extract from the amplifier the Angels share

Driven and driving the power ebbs and flows
The attack of the Plectrum the volume gain grows
In the middle the essence of the power cords reign
The Rock Gods of yester years obvious fame

Attack, attack then bring on the calm
With a chiming like aura of Jazz cord gone wild
There is nothing finer then the ring of a note
In a progression of Blues, Rock and some Soul

Never too wary to pick up the tempo
Never too peaceful to turn up the volume
Statesboro Blues never left anyone lame
Except for me trying to play like DA

Explaination of 'Searching The Sky's For You"


Check out Searching The Sky's For You / Copyrigt 1980 by Burt K Arthur by NorthernBandit...

I have not shared this track with many, Not for a specific reason, just haven't...but in celebration of 'The Beatles 50th Aniversary' on the Ed Sullivan show...the beginning of my 'Life' both as a regular joe and a want to be me the point of my history playing music, by 1980 I had taught myself to play Bass Guitar right handed ( I was a lefty like Paul McCartney ) and had been in three or four different Bands from 1975 to 1979. Not a very deep history but I was fortunate to have had really great friends who were musicians and allowed me in their circle and to gain a great respect for them as well as for the music.
This song lyricly couldn't be any simplier then it appears...on purpose I must admitt, my talient as a writer was imerging for the idea behind the song...The Beatles 'All My Love'n' and I want to 'Hold your Hand' probably jump out more significantly..all ther songs had a mortal affect on me...I had just met this lovely girl named Frances, I knew she was out there, hopefully for me...I believed that and thats where this song goes...
I have never been good at protraiting others in music, but in this particular case it was all I wanted to do. I had inlisted a group of life long friends and bandmates who honored me with there playing on this my first ever Studio recording...Craig Thornburg on backing vocals,( a major Ringo Fan ) Drums, Tubular Bells and Gong, David Bailey on Rythym Guitar and backing vocals ( leader of the first band I was ever in with him called 'Jesse Blue', Robert 'Bob' Perry on Backing vocals, second Rythym and Lead Guitar, and me singing lead, Bass Guitar
( Rickenbacher 4001 Stereo ) and Tamborine. Recorded By: Rich Granum in Port Angeles, Washington.
I was sick with a severe sinus infection which attributes to the high nasally sound of my voice...anyway this song was what I felt and was trying to portrait given the way I felt about 'The Beatles'.
To all of The Beatles and to all of us who love them still to this day...I share this Song with you! Thank You, Peace!

Searching The Sky's For You / Copyrigt 1980

Old thoughts, Modern Times...

by Burt K. Arthur

...I have always been a bit antique...I hold on to alot of old wisdoms, common sense kinda things. Admittedly I try to be a good boy but, well you know we are all just a bit human...this song was written back in 1996 shortly after Robbie Robertson produced the sound track for a Native American Documentry on PBS that sealed my fate to write this song and a number of simular tracks there doesn't really point at an identifier like a specific place in time or an indivgual but...kinda hits on a Philosophical nature about lifes travels in general...and has an uplifting nature about it...I hope at least it does for me...anyway I I have the original recording and it is exciting but I am going to rerecord this song the next couple of weeks I am hoping. in the meantime here are the lyrics for you to ponder...Peace eah!

Copyright 10/20/1996
Written By: Burt K. Arthur/NorthernBandit

From the land of ice blue water
Where visions are so clear
You can reach right up and touch the sky
Never leave the ground from where you stand
Only in your deepest dreams
Somewhere far away
Could anything compare to this
If comparisons could be made
When you look out into the western sky
Do you imagine what you would see
Is it what you think you want
Or what you think you need
Just because the rumors say
The pastures are so green
When you take a glimpse before you now
Is your spirit truly free
One day someone will be telling you
It is the struggle and the fight
That leads you to happiness
Above the struggle and the strife
Just remember there is one thing
You just can’t forget
That bridges burned along the way
Will haunt you till the end
Like the sunrise in the morning
Just before the break of day
If you watch in the distance carefully
You will see just what I mean
You don’t have to think about anything
You don’t even have to feel
All you have to do is believe
Then being is revealed