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I have not been here much as of late and have not been able to listen as I would like. My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer....and I now spend most days helping to take care of her - and I have not had time for my music. I will be back though.....

Happy New Year

Well THAT was one hell of a week. Not a big fan of the holidays. I get pulled in too many directions.

Anyway, had a great NYE gig. I played with another guitarist I just met and we were offered several jobs as a duo by an agent in the crowd. Now we're gonna need a name - and maybe even practice together!!!

Hope to get back to the music rating later today. Still a bit behind......

Have a happy New Year everybody and good luck with your music!

Up to 24 friends and 3 ratings on my top song so far.

PLEASE rate me !!!


VERY busy today. I probably won't have time to listen or write. Gotta make the donuts SOMETIME......

Up to 16 friends and 2-3 song ratings so far......

Monday Morning......

Lot's going on today. We have a Raven's game tonight vs. Lions - it's a biggie. I need to cook a Turkey. And, I need to rank another 20-30 songs and friend another 10 people.

I DID receive my first song rankings last night - all thumbs up - which is good (Thank you Larry Cohen).

No Open Mic tonight (Ravens Game). but, I will be out playing at OMN's on Tuesday and Wednesday here in Baltimore.

The "exciting" thing for me is that I have been asked to become the lead guitarist in a local band - a 4-piece - that does all acoustic classic rock covers. It is the PERFECT set up as they are already booked solid, they are good, and it will give me more exposure, confidence, and stage presence practice. It will also force me to improve my guitar skills in ways I would not have done had I continued strictly playing solo. I begin this Friday (There isn't even going to be a PRACTICE - just starting live!!!)

Have a great day every body. Good luck and good health.

Rating in the Morning....

Spent the morning listening and rating music here. All country. I just started at the top and worked my way down. I'm going to try to listen to every country song over the next few weeks. I am also just friending everybody I see. So, hopefully somebody rate my stuff eventually. Go ahead - you can't hurt my feelings!!!

So far, I am hearing a LOT of talented musicians. Haven't heard "the one" yet though. Most of the songs are "very good"...they just lack that extra "spark" that a song needs...

Back to rating

Signed up today for The spotlight Zone.

Life is good. Moving forward one step at a time. Digging out of the massive hole. Opening another door to see what is behind it. Hopefully, I'll find another avenue to somewhere warm!