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The spotlight Zone Awesome

We are all on a bunch of other sites but I have to say I am loving the ease in which to use the awesome music site! Grrrr ate!!

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  1. 23-03-2012
    Michael Dimitri

    Hey Casey...stopped by again to finish listening...enjoyed every track, particularly like 'Siren'...5 from me...

  2. 06-03-2012
    Bill Creel

    Hi Casey, I enjoyed listening to your tunes. I can tell you've put a lot of work into them. Keep the good music coming.

  3. 19-02-2012

    Casey, 3 1/2 days is just kicking. I love everything about the entire song. The effects you have on a great deep drum sound, a bass line, with some slap, and an electric guitar that was smoking. If your playing the guitar damn you good, or tell your lead guitar player the notes are still ringing in my ears. The harmonics. You know you could keep adding to this song and build it even bigger, but I think it is great as is. I could see this track in a tv or movie scene. What kind of guitar, Les Paul, PRS or strat, sounded almost like a strat with a Marshall amp.

    Add to my play list and stars brother.

    Thank you for the invitation

    Your Friend

  4. 14-02-2012

    Oh Casey, Damn that is some of the best music I have listened to in a very long time. You could be on tour with Matchbox 20, Nickleback, Creed or 3 doors downs and they better be listening, because you would take the crowd a way on a great journey. I gave you all stars and Loaded every song to my playlist. I know my music is not top notch produced like yours. The first 10 songs I did the best with what I could afford being disabled and on a fixed income. the last 7 will be on my next cd Guitar Mann. They have not gone through a final mastering. I will have to save up for a while when all the songs are done so I can have them re mastered. I'm recording the songs for my new cd in my home studio recording. I couldn't go back to sleep so I came to listen and I'm really glad I did.
    Your Fan