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Kofi "Pillsbury" Jenkins - Blog

Hello world,
The Jenkins&Jones family would like to thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of our heart, who paid us a visit here at ...If you liked what you heard, hard copies are available. You may contact us at (Derrick Jones) or (Kofi Jenkins).....Peace and love you guys!!!

Help me save hip hop!!!

Ive just been accepted into the finalist to perform before 40,000 people at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, Italy this summer!!! Voting is February 3rd through February 17thdownload Kofi Pillsbury Jenkins free music to vote!! The most downloads win!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!! The link below takes you directly to the download to vote page. Albany stand's our turn!! Year of the underdogs!!! Peace & Love y'all!!!

Soundcloud uploads to celebrate the #1 spot in hip-hop for Albany, GA on Reverb Nation!!


To celebrate being number one on Reverb Nation..I uploaded about 7 tracks off of my last mixtape The Commercial Break released 2007. Its basically about the battle within we all experience with our angel and our demon on our shoulder. It... was the worst year of my life knock on wood haha but some good material came out of my pain. I also uploaded a few tracks off of my 2006 released mixtape entitled, The Evolution and my first attempt at a real album, From The Muddy Banks Of The Flint recorded in my man Raymond Rambo McKnights attic..released ummm adjust the volume knob or turn up whatever you young people say today ha...yall enjoy!