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New Tracks added

Well, I just added 3 new tracks hopefully for your listening pleasure. Dog Day Afternoon, Pretty and No Enemies No Friends were my very first recordings that I did in the summer of 2012 but I don't think the production quality compares to the new ones, check it out pls!


Hi everyone, this is my first day to this site so I just wanted to say hello and invite you to listen to some of my tunes as I get them posted...Thanks a bunch, Rollie

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  1. 12-02-2014
    Rollie Barrett

    Well, gotta couple more of my tunes up, hope you get a chance to listen to them. I just got sponsored to take a Music Business Master Certificate from Berklee in Spring so I'm looking forward to better self-management :) but I am doing it online and will be touring down in the states starting in WA. If anybody has any tips on GIg locations for classic rock/folk nostalgic music and singer/songwriter venues I could sure use the tips...