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Musician Heavy Sites

Hi :)
I noticed that this site is also Musician heavy with far more Musicians than listeners. I wonder if it will always be that way? Every single site I belong to is Musician heavy. I don't mind getting comments from Musicians but listeners have a whole different outlook on music so I really care what they think. I just wonder to myself where all the listeners or non musicians are? Food for thought?


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  1. 19-03-2014
    JJ Rocks

    Rock on my friend! - JJ

  2. 19-03-2014
    Steve White

    Hi JJ
    Ok, I get it now. Thanks but yes I do know the difference. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  3. 19-03-2014
    JJ Rocks

    Steve, nobody took anything the wrong way. But since it's a scouting site for musicians. The listeners option was just something that we added as an extra. But it really has nothing to do with the meaning of the site. Listeners (only) are usually on promo sites but we do welcome them with open arms. We actually have 281 listeners at this time. Do you know how to tell the difference? If not let me know and I will direct you to them. Peace - JJ

  4. 19-03-2014
    Steve White

    Hi JJ

    No that's not what I was meaning to say. I have no problem at all with Musicians listening and commenting. I do see non musicians here so and noticed there were less that's all. This is not a complaint it's just an observation.
    Sorry if you or anyone took this the wrong way.

  5. 19-03-2014
    JJ Rocks

    Hi Steve, please remember that this is not like other sites because it is not a public promo site like the rest. It is a private scouting site designed for at least a few of your songs to be heard by my staff for POSSIBLE referral to a major label. If you are just here to be heard by the general public then you may want to consider a public promo site. As far as musicians listening, just look at the first page of our charts. Our members do a very good job listening and giving their opinions. But there are no promises that they will listen to your music. But I am proud of their opinions so far.
    Peace - JJ

New song added

I just added a new song called "It's Sunday" please check it out if you get a chance.
Thank you.

New Video

I just put a video up of me playing the keys and singing one of my songs. Check it out. :)

A story with my songs

I always try to paint a story with my songs I'd love to know what you see in your mind, what story if any you get from my songs.

Started adding songs to my page

So, I have a few songs up and have asked a few of you to be friends and check out my songs so I can get a rating going. I will be adding more songs soon but would like to see how this goes before I do. So far I like it here and like the setup of the pages.

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  1. 16-03-2014
    Steve White

    I've noticed I had a few thumbs up on the first two songs so thank you to whoever for that. I'm wondering if two songs should be my limit? It doesn't look like people get down to the rest of the songs.

  2. 08-07-2013
    geeky eggz