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How to tell a good drummer (musician) from a bad drummer.


Adendum: JJ Rocks Article # 231: From New York, USA: Alex Blake

Words do not suffice to express the grandeur and presence of Alex Blake's music. I take the liberty to provide these examples in support of this article, so that listeners have the opportunity to realize the love that I discovered in and through Alex Blake's (and associates) music. Thank you again, JJ Rocks, for helping to enrich my life via your articles.


JJ Rocks Article # 164: Self indulgent

When reading this article, I was reminded of the many concertos to which I have listened.
[ “a musical composition for a solo instrument or instruments accompanied by an orchestra, especially one conceived on a relatively large scale." (Google Dictionary)].
JJ Rocks, in his Article # 164, has unveiled a segment of critics who are, obviously (aside from the popular music genre), not aware of some of the greatest musical works ever written. What comes to mind, immediately, per my love of piano concertos are these (among many others):
1) Rachmaninov: Pianoconcerto no.2 op.18 []
2) 2) George Gershwin - Concerto in F. []
I can only hope that those critics, about whom JJ writes, discover the magnificent nature of compositions such as these, and the virtuosi who bring them to fruition.
Thank you for bringing this to surface, JJ. Well written!

Picture: Examples of well known Virtuosi over time. Top Row - From left: Frédéric Chopin, Niccolò Paganini, Franz Liszt, Luigi Boccherini. Bottom Row - From left: Arthur Rubinstein, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman.

Appreciation for one who sees. [posted on Kdr Facebook]

-- I receive these messages from the "promotion' people (who, probably, maintain their jobs) for saying, "Your fans haven't heard from you for a while". Counter: I have not received a single request FROM ANY ONE to share work in progress. Further, I have not heard, nor seen, a single publication from the "general public" that promotes performers (who have not tapped into the mainstream/commercial), or requests personal recitals EXCEPT JJRocks. My expressed public gratitude for this man's efforts!

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  1. 16-08-2015
    JJ Rocks

    Thank you very much! - JJ

JJ Rocks Article # 235: Modern Music: Two Schools of Thought

Occasionally, I will play a piano in a hotel bar (not a gig) simply to express my music. Almost invariably, someone places a note on the piano (along with a couple of dollars) requesting a popular tune. It seems to me that person is asking, "Can you (are you able) to play this?". I would prefer that they came to listen, instead. JJ Rocks article #235 is insight-fully written. "Nur Ich" is translated, "Only Me". That's all I have to offer.

JJ Rocks article about "being different".

I would like to express thanks to JJ Rocks for his article, which rings home on so many fronts:
Thank you, JJ Rocks!

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  1. 21-06-2015
    JJ Rocks

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

end of the lapse

Over the last several months I have been in a music productivity slump. However, recently I began serious practice, again. I expect to post several old tunes and those which I have been composing as of late. Additionally, but not in the immediate future, I would like to form a band.
Thank all of you for your continued support and attendance.
Special Thanks to JJ Rocks, Dorothy and the crew for permitting continued participation on The Spotlight Zone.
Wishing you well,