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Doug Jackson - Blog

How to not get noticed by the music industry in one easy lesson...

Believe that someday they'll just stumble across you...

End of lesson...

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  1. 16-03-2012

    Love what I hear!!!!keep at it, way cool~~~someone else you might like is ryo Utasato, she is so techno ambient and her art is fantasso!!! Keep in touch and keep the music flowing~~~~~T.

  2. 17-10-2011
    JJ Rocks

    In most cases that's true. But there is an exception, and that is if I think that someone's music is a real hit, I would not only write an article about it, but I would send it directly to some of the major record company executives seen with me in my photos on my profile. Then you would be heard by them. But since the record companies are tightening up their budgets these days, it would be very rare. You would have to be someone that I could really believe they would like before I got you connected.