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Makatt =^..^= - Blog

Who is Makatt =^..^=?


Southern Songstress/Guitarist since age of 13 now soon be 51 years old. With well over 100 + original's compositions to date some are just instros... but a lot of them I turned into songs
over the years.I got tons old tapes,flash drives just full of killer ideas, form every color,shape form of music there is! So heavily influenced by what I hear and like so and I come up with new stuff all the time all I need is a guitar in my hand and soon a new song is born!

I come from a very music oriented family my mother was a songwriter played just a little guitar ,my grand father played as well as my sister Glenda played piano,and my dad was in old swing band Les Brown I think..They're all gone now expect for my sister but there music lives on in me now.I've got the mileage all behind me, played and been cut from bands,lost tons of guitars and equipment in pawnshops.I know all about the blues,trust me been there done that.

I'm a basically self taught musician who plays 100 percent by ear and feel as I dont read music as I'm dyslexic and have learning disabilities I get words #s backwards I even talk backwards sometime and get sentences mixed up It very flustrating but yet I can write songs and lyrics like crazy makes no sense (So Im kinda a wild card around here lol) any way thats me In a nutshell.

If like even more about me heres a few more pages I have done

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Thanks for having me here =^..^= Hugs

Below/ Is a Pic of My beloved Lucinda (my axe)