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First blog entry

Hello all,

at first I want to say thank you for the invitation and opportunity to introduce myself and my music.
The most important things about me you'll find in my bio. In addition I want to say, that I come from Germany. Because I've never learned English in school and I got all my english knowledge in selfstudy, I want to say sorry for all my failures in grammar and vocabulary. I know, my English is very special but I do my very best to tell you all the news in my way. Please be a bit patient with me ;-)

Today I want to introduce my actual music project with Patrick Springer, United States, CT. Patrick plays the wonderful American Native Flute. I met him in another music community. As I heard the first time his wonderful playing, I thought by myself: "What, if I compose and combine modern synthesizer sounds with his flute sounds?" I asked him to produce a little test track, based on an existing song from his song pool. The result was not the best in audio quality, but the objective was to show him, which opportunities we have. We decided to extend our collaboration. It is the first time in my life, that I've the opportunity to work in an international, intercontinental music project.

Patrick and me do not earn any money for our music. We make music for fun, for a better feeling and to express ourselves. We try to paint pictures with music brushes. We are not perfect. We are no audio engineers. We are no supa dupa composers. We have fun, that's all. Actually we are very excited because yesterday we've finished our first track "Tribal Dreamz". It is an Instrumental piece with a well balanced mix of patricks flute and my modern synthesizer sounds. I've spent a lot of time in mastering the track with my very limited mastering-equipment, -software and -knowledge.The result? Maybe not the best in the world, but I'm satisfied.
I hope you enjoy it. And if someone of you have some hints for me to do it better - don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

For today I close the blog. I wish you all a wonderful day.

Dream your daydreams.