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Thank You, Everyone

Hello Fellow Spotlight Zoners!

Hope everyone is having a good evening. Since I joined The Spotlight Zone, or should I say, since I was invited, I've gotten a LOT of really good support from you all, a LOT of very good ratings, and a LOT of very kind words. To top it off, almost every conversation I've had with anyone here, thus far, has been a great one, and one that I can say, I feel was worthwhile.

I just wanted to take a minute, and let you all know, that I appreciate every single bit of it. I am SO thankful for every word of feedback I receive.

Without you guys and gals, there would be a big empty spot that just could not be filled. Needless to say, I will be here to stay.

To many more wonderful conversations with amazing people!

Your Friend,

Looking For A Manager

Good afternoon.

So there's been a lot going on as of late, simply with the creation aspect, and as such, it has been made apparent to me, that I obviously need a manager.

I need someone with experience in the music industry, that can help me get this ball rolling. I need to start getting shows set up, and start learning the business aspect of this business.

Any advice, or signs with arrows pointed on them, as always, is greatly appreciated. I'm not 100% sure how this particular part is supposed to work, but I know it's time to get it going.